Milan to St.Moritz

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Jan 7, 2012 - 5:34 PM
We are first time international travelers. We will be in Milan for two days and we ran across the Bernina Express and immediately put it on our agenda of things we must do while we are in the Milan area. We found that there are tours on Tuesday but we will be at an Opera that night. We will be in Milan on Wednesday and would like to take a ride on the Bernina Express if that is possible. What is your advice on how we can make this happen. Do we need to travel to the lakes to leave from there or are there other options? We are open to doing whatever we can to make this happen. We greatly appreciate any advice you can give us.

Thank you,

Travelers from U.S
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Jan 7, 2012 - 7:14 PM
It would be possible to make a round trip from Milan to Pontresina or St Moritz in one day. You would take the train from Milan to Tirano then the train on the Berninia Express route to either Pontresina or St. Moritz depending on the day you would travel. The round trip would take over 10 hours.
It would not be the Berninia Express train itself but a train on the same route with the same scenery. These trains are new last year and are very confortable. If you let me know the day you plan to make this trip I can give you an exact schedule

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Jan 12, 2012 - 12:06 AM
Hi Dick,

I really appreciate your response!! We are actually thinking about going all the way up to Chur and staying the night. We will be traveling on Wednesday, April 18th. Do you have an exact schedule that can help us get up to Chur? What is your recommendation of the route to take up there and back?

Thank you,
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Jan 12, 2012 - 8:53 AM
Milan to Chur
Lv Milan 10:20 am Ar. Tirano 12:50 pm
Lv. Tirano 2:33 pm Ar. Chur 7:03 pm Berninia Express
You could go back the same way Lv. Chur 8:58 am Ar. Tirano 1:12 pm Berninia Express
Lv Tirano 3:10 pm Ar. Milan 5;40 pm
You could take the Swiss Postal Bus from Chur: Lv. Chur 10:08 am Ar. Bellinzona 12:20 pm
(This is a scenic trip through the mountains)
Then the train Lv. Bellinzona 1:25 pm Ar. Milano 2:50 pm
You could also get off this train and Lugano and get a later train to Milan
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Jan 12, 2012 - 3:20 PM
Dear Dick,

Thank you so much for your response. I have a few more questions if you don’t mind me asking.

On our way up to Chur, does the train stop in St. Moritz for us to look around or does it go straight through?
Do you know of any earlier train routes that can get us up to Chur faster? We would like to spend some time there and do some sightseeing before the sun goes down.
I’m assuming the train we will be taking is the Bernina Express. Do you know what the best website is to buy the tickets for the train routes?

Thank you so very much for all your advice, it’s much appreciated!
Linda :-)
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Jan 14, 2012 - 4:43 PM
The Berninia Express from Tirano to Chur bypasses St. Moritz by a few miles.
I would suggest the following for your trip:
1. Train from Milan (7:05am) to Goschenen (10:07) Goes up the Gotthard Pass into the alps
2. Train from Goschenen (10:12am) to Andermatt (10:22). Up higher in the alps
3. Train from Andermatt (10:27am) to Chur (1:01 pm). This is the route of the Glacier Express over Oberalp Pass and the Rhine Gorge.
This would give you the afternoon to look around Chur

Returning to Milan
1.Berninia Express train from Chur (8:58am) to Tirano (1:12pm)
2.Train from Tirano (3:10pm) to Milan (5:40pm)
If you also wanted to stop off in St. Moritz you could:
1. Regular train from Chur ( 8:58 ) to St. Mortiz (10:58) on the same route as the Bernina Express
2. Bernina Express from St. Moritz (2:45 pm)to Tirano (5:12 pm)
This is another section of the Berninia Express and is not the same as the one from Chur
3. Train from Tirano (7:10pm) to Milan (9:40pm)

I would suggest to buy local tickets from Milan to Chiasso $16 and from Tirano to Milan $14 then a Swiss Transfer Ticket $241 1st class or $151 2nd class. This would cover all your travels in Switzerland, You would also need a seat reservation the the Berninia ($18) or take the regular trains on the same route.

If you could call me in Raleigh NC at 919-846-2544 next week from 1:00pm to 4:30pm (mon-thu) I could answer your questions in more detail
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Jan 16, 2012 - 9:52 AM
I am also going to be in Mian I will be there June-20th-2012 till the 22nd I want to know how to get to the Bernina Express from Miano an early trip would be good information I cannot do the Tuesday Tour because I will be just arriving there please help
Annika (moderator)
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Jan 18, 2012 - 12:40 PM
Hello ree1959! You'll first have to get from Milano to Tirano. There you can continue your trip to St. Moritz by Bernina Express train. All connections can be found in the general Swiss timetable and the Bernina Express timetable. Does that help you out?


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