Murtel - Furtschellas hiking route details & travel information

Murtèl - Furtschellas hiking route details & travel information

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How to get there & route details

How to get to Murtèl, and trail details.

How to get there and back

Surlej can be reached by car or by bus from St. Moritz or Maloja. Take the cable car from Surlej to Mount Corvatsch but get off at the mid station of Murtèl.

A cable car takes you from Furtschellas down to the village of Sils Maria. There are bus services to St. Moritz/Surlej and Maloja from there.


You start with a descent over a rock path. Then you ascend and cross meadows. Finally you descend again in order to reach the cable car station of Furtschellas.


Schedules of the buses and the cable cars.

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