Swiss Half Fare Card details

Swiss Half Fare Card details

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More details about the Swiss Half Fare Card

Read about what else is included, and further details about the Swiss Half Fare Card.

Swiss Half Fare Card versus Half-Fare travelcard

The Half-Fare travelcard offers a 50% discount on train tickets and is valid for 1, 2 or 3 years. It can only be purchased by residents from Switzerland and the neighboring countries. The Swiss Half Fare Card is the 1-month version for tourists. Both cards offer the same discount within Switzerland. However, there are differences when traveling to other countries. For example, the Swiss Half Fare Card does not offer discounted tickets to Austria and Germany.

Discounts on various events and day trips

In most cases where the Half-Fare travelcard entitles for a discount, the Swiss Half Fare Card will entitle for that same discount. Combined tickets for events and other day trips include both the transportation and the admission, and sometimes other services. You will get a discount because the Swiss Half Fare Card gets you a discount on the transportation portion in the combined ticket.

Additional 1-day travelpass

At any time, an additional travelpass for Swiss Half Fare Card holders can be purchased allowing a day of free travelling. Note that you need to travel a lot for this pass to be economical. Be sure to consider the Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Travel Pass Flex too if you have planned longer trips.

Who can buy the Swiss Half Fare Card?

The Swiss Half Fare Card can be purchased by anyone except for residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

More about train traveling in Switzerland

Information about timetables, seat reservations and much more can be found here.

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