Buying Swiss Travel Pass from Happyrail?

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    I was searching online to buy a Swiss travel pass for my wife and I for our upcoming trim in May, I noticed at prices are about $50 less per adult than SBB or Euro rail, would you recommend buying it from happy rail? also what is the difference between SSB and euro rail? we will be spending a total of 7 days only in Switzerland.

    Thank you for any advise.

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    Hi edkurkurkian,

    I think you’ve miscalculated somehow. Over at ass/europe/switzerland /swiss-travel-pass-consecutive, an 8-day Swiss Travel Pass costs € 331 ($ 343). The SBB web shop at en offers it for CHF 363 ($ 352). So that’s only a $ 9 difference. And I think Happyrail charges a bit extra for credit card payments whereas the SBB web shop does not. Happyrail is a perfectly legitimate retailer, so if you prefer them you can certainly buy there. All purchase options are listed here at the Swiss Travel Pass page.

    The SBB are the Swiss Federal Railways; the biggest of many railway companies in Switzerland. Eurail is a range of passes (see here) to travel in one or more European counties. A common misspelling is “Euro rail”, but that does not exist. Eurail passes include less benefits in Switzerland than the Swiss Travel Pass. You can compare them in detail through the given links.

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    20 December 2016 at 22:37:56 #857496

    Thank you Arno so much, for detailed information

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