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Apr 30, 2017 - 11:28 PM


Heres my 'almost' final itinerary from 17th June to 30th June. We are four of us. We will have the STP for 15 days. All suggestions are appreciated. (Sorry for it to be a bit long)

Day 1 : reach zurich at around 12 pm and visit the old town and other major streets and boat ride on lake Zurich.

Day 2 : Rhine falls in Zurich and then mt. Titlis.

Day 3: Lucerne from zurich. Mt pilatus and Rigi in one day itself. Reach back to Zurich.

Day 4: head to Interlaken for a 7 night stay. First day Interlaken sightseeing along with boat ride to brienz. Brienz sightseeing.

Day 5: Sightseeing at Thun as well as spiez.

Day 6: grindelwald. We'll mostly be doing the juangfraujoch but not too sure.

Day 7: sightseeing at lauterbrunnen. Along with Murren, stechelberg and grutschalp.

Day 8: Zermatt. Again, we'll most probably either do the gornergratt or the Matterhorn.

Day 9: Either Bern or Brig, what would be better? If possible, suggest a place nearby Interlaken so we could cover day 9.

Day 10: Gstaad and rougement. Alpine coaster at rougement.

Day 11: move to Geneva for a 3 night stay. Sightseeing in Geneva including boat ride and jet d'eau.

Day 12: Montreux. Sightseeing, boat ride and haut-de-caux.

Day 13: Lausanne and vevey sightseeing. Mont pelerin at vevey. Get back to Geneva.

Questions I have :

1) can everything be covered the way I've mentioned? Or have we decided to spend more/less time on some places?

2) I feel like train rides are completely missing in the itinerary. Could you accomodate one in this?

3) I have too much confusion about the reservations for glacier express or Bernina express. I know where we can do it, but could someone just mention the reservation charges here, approximately? (we will have the STP) Also, when do we reserve seats for these trains? Are these reservations ever full? If so, what do we do? Whats the frequency of these trains?

4) what kind of weather would it be in all these places from 17th to 30th June? What kind of clothing would be necessary?

5) what should we see in Gstaad? Is the alpine coaster worth doing at mount rougement? Also, are rougement and Gstaad covered in the STP? What are the charges for the alpine coaster?

6) we have completely ignored the south eastern places like St. Moritz.or say, chur. I feel we won't have much time. Please advise. (We've also ignored Basel).

7) if our hotels or apartments are about 5 to 10 km from the airport, how do we get there? Wont cabs get too expensive? What would be the average fare for cabs? We are four people plus the luggage. Is it allowed to carry such luggage in local transport (trams, buses or local trains) ?

8) wherever I've mentioned 'sightseeing', I'm not too sure what we're gonna do. We're just going there with no clue. It'd be great if suggestions are given. P.s.; we don't wanna spend on mountain peaks everytime as we have already thought of doing the juangfraujoch, the Matterhorn and titlis. Plus pilatus and rigis which are covered with the STP. So suggest peaks only if they're covered with the STP.

9) can montreux, Lausanne and vevey be visited in one day? If yes, we might have another day extra. Suggest something for that too.

10) I'd read somewhere online that there's free cycling in Zurich. Is this true? And if we wanna do cycling in other places, how much would be the average cost? Or is it free in most places?

11) is there any possibility of enjoying a place in a bus or a tram? Like just a town tour or something like that?

12) I also wanted to visit the beatenberg region. Is it possible?

Thanks so much!

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May 1, 2017 - 3:15 PM in reply to Jayy123

Hi Jayy123,

  1. Yes, everything looks reasonable here
  2. How do you mean? Aren't you taking trains to all destinations here? Do you mean panoramic train trips?
  3. The Bernina Express reservations is 14chf and the Glacier Express is 33chf. I would reserve as soon as possible - once you have your dates set. They can become full yes. If you search the train timetable here, you can search for the towns you are traveling to and see how many Bernina Express (BEX) or Glacier Express (GEX) are running. In the summer there is usually 2 or 3 per day.
  4. Well we hope for nice summer weather here in mid to late June (last year it was 24-34) but rain should be planned for and near 0 temperatures can be expected up in the mountains, especially Jungfraujoch.
  5. Glacier 3000 and Alpine Coaster information can be found here. Adults are 9chf per ride. I haven't been to Gstaad so I can't recommend to much there - it is primarily a ski resort town.
  6. I think that's fine - you can't do everything! Basel and Chur aren't at the top of of my must-see list here.
  7. Yes, you can take luggage on all forms of transport in Switzerland. All airports are well connected by trains here so you shouldn't have a need for a taxi (and yes they are expensive!).
  8. It's best perhaps for you to have a read through our "Where to Go" sections. You can read all about the main sights in Switzerland, where they are (or what is near the town you select), how to get there and if there are extra costs even if you have the Swiss Travel Pass (click here for an overview of what is covered).
  9. Yes, you can visit those 3 towns in one day - depending on what you want to see and how long it may take you - ie whether you are find to wander the city centre, 'see' the town for an hour or two and head out again.
  10. There is a free Zurich bike rental yes - called Züri Rollt. I'm not sure about other large towns offering the same thing though. Have a look at each town's tourism website for more details.
  11. Zurich trams can be quite nice for a trip around the area. Zurich specifically has special food trams - click here for more details.
  12. Yes, it is easily reached by bus or boat from Interlaken

I hope that helps finalize your plans!


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May 3, 2017 - 7:51 AM in reply to Lucas

Thank you so much, Lucas! Yes it did help me finalize lots of things!

2) yes I did mean the panoramic trains.

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