13 days Zurich & Lauterbrunnen in December

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Apr 7, 2016 - 6:57 AM

Arno, Annika, Slowpoke thanks for the earlier advice and help. Here are my plans which I think I would like to do during my stay in Switzerland. Is it ok with my planning? Or do you have any other advice? Thank you.

15 Dec 2016 – (Thursday) (Day 1)

Zurich – Transfer – Lauterbrunnen. (Our Swiss Pass 8 days starts today and end on 22 Dec midnight)

I need help in buying the SIM card while in Switzerland. I does it work with 1G, 3G and 12G. I go to the website that MySwissAlps.com but don’t really understand. As 3 in my group would like to have 12G. I hope somehere can explain to me.

16 Dec 2016 (Friday) (Day 2)

Top of the World Jungfraujoch with of 25% discount using the Swiss Pass

Starts at 8:00 am from Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen – Kleine Scheidegg – Junfraujoch - RETURN

17 Dec 2016 – (Saturday) (Day 8)

Lauterbrunnen – Interlaken (Paragliding)

Interlaken – Paragliding. Hope the weather is good to do paragliding

Swiss Food and Culture Tour - Interlaken

18 Dec 2016 – (Sunday) (Day 9)

Starts at 8:00 am Glacier Express Train Ride (Partial Ride)

Lauterbrunnen – Interlaken – SPIEZ – Brig (Glacier Express) – Chur - RETURN

Its ok the Return trip will at night.

19 Dec 2016 – (Monday) (Day 10)

Starts : 8:00 am

1 Day Beginner Ski Package or Lauterbrunnen to Schilthorn via Stechelberg by bus or maybe cable car

20 Dec 2016 – (Tuesday) (Day 11)

Starts at 8:00 am from Lauterbrunnen to Zurich

Free & Easy for 1st Day at Zurich

21 Dec 2016 – (Wednesday) (Day 7)

Mount Rigi Winter Day Trip from Zurich

(Should we joined Tour or we can go ourselves) Please advise

22 Dec 2016 – (Thursday) (Day 12)

I would like to go for Black Forest and Rhine Falls Day Trip from Zurich.

Again should we follow tour or go on our own? Need advice

23 Dec 2016 – (Friday) (Day 13) – (Our Swiss Pass expired on 22 Dec Midnight). What tickets should we buy for our last stay in Zurich if we need to buy? I am thinking of joining a One day to Switzerland Countryside or maybe do some shopping at Zurich. Any suggestion?

Day Tour by Viator (C)

24 Dec 2016 – (Saturday) (Day 14)

Zurich Airport Departure

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Apr 7, 2016 - 7:23 AM

Hi Leila,

Do you stay for the 10 days you listed or for 13 days as indicated in the thread title? All SIM card details are on myswissalps.com/ simcard. Please let us know what's not clear for you. 3G refers to the connection speed, but I don't know what you mean by 12G.

The pass you need is the Swiss Travel Pass: myswissalps.com/ swisstravelpass. Swiss Pass is something different.

You can do excursions on your own, but if you like a tour that's fine of course. However, if you will only book guided tours a rail pass may not make sense as you'll be paying for transportation twice. A guided tour does make sense if you'd like to combine the Rhine Fall and Black Forest in one day as that's hard to do on your own by train. I will insert some tour links in your post so you can have a look.

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Apr 7, 2016 - 8:44 AM

Hi Arno

Sorry, my mistake typo error. Actually, we are from London and our next destination is Switzerland. For the 12G I saw that at the simly simcard website. You can choose 1G, 3G, 12G +€54. I dont quite understand.


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Apr 7, 2016 - 9:21 AM in reply to Leila

Hi Leila,

I understand now. You're referring to "Gb" (the amount of data you can use), not "G" (the connection speed). For me, 1 Gb was plenty. I didn't even use half of it in more than two weeks. So why not buy a 1 Gb card, as you can add more data online should you need it. That's better than buying too much to begin with. Please see www.simlystore.com/en/ buy-prepaid-sim-card/switzerland-prepaid-data-sim-card.html.

Of course you can buy more than 1 Gb if your group thinks they will actually use that much data, e.g. if they will use one phone as a hotspot for the others.

Does this answer your question?

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