Bern to Lucerne to Interlaken itinerary help

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Feb 1, 2018 - 9:10 AM


I would like to plan this coming early March trip.

Bern - We be taking a day to see the city of Bern. Any suggestions ?

Next day

Morning train from Bern to Lucerne - spent some time in Lucerne

From Lucerne to Interlaken - take a golden pass route.

Please advise. For the short period in Lucerne what attractions should we visit. (A must) or do you suggest a longer time in Lucerne. If that is the case. is it better to travel from Bern to Lucerne than directly go to the golden pass route to Interlaken, thanks for your advise.

From Lucerne to Interlaken - we plan to reach Interlaken before daylight is gone. what is the best train timing to take.

Interlaken OST I think will be the stop. Where can we go grab groceries and dinner.

Interlaken to jungfraujoch - I know we have to check for weather before we go up.

Can advise from experience, is morning a better time to go or afternoon is a better time to go (Early March period)

Thanks and Much Appreciation

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Feb 1, 2018 - 12:25 PM in reply to Judycgk

Hi Judycgk,

How much time do you have in Switzerland. Are you just here for a couple days to stay in these towns?

For ideas on what to do in those towns have a look at our information pages here: Bern, Lucerne, Interlaken.

Depending on your focus (what you want to see) Lucerne typically has a lot to do and see (at least in the area) like a boat cruise and several mountains that are easily reachable (you can find these details on the links above). So typically people spend 2-3 days there.

Bern tends to be more of a day trip and it is a lovely city to see but many people spend just a 1/2 or 1 day there.

Interlaken isn't too much of an attraction itself. It is a fairly commercial town with great train connections but what people are there to see are the mountains like Jungfraujoch and we recommend they stay in smaller villages closer to the mountains: like Mürren or Wengen.

As for when to visit Jungfraujoch I wouldn't count on mornings or afternoons being better than the other. Have a look at the weather in the morning and decide when to go based on the days forecast.
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Feb 2, 2018 - 7:13 AM

Thanks for your advise

Yes we are here for a few days.

We plan to go from Zurich Airport to travel Bern to Lucerne to Mt Titlis and back to Bern to day. on the first day as we will be arriving at the 8am.

Day 2 to spent a day in Bern.

Day 3 to take the train from Bern to Lucerne to Interlaken on the Golden Pass Route.

Interlaken will be our base as we would want to visit jungfraujoch. If Day 4 we not able to we will thinking about a lake cruise on Lake Thun and visit the castle there.

So Interlaken we spent 3 days there. LOL hoping to catch the right weather to go up to Jungfraujoch.

So far i am still planning the days in Interlaken. Doing the "What if's" therefore being flexible.

We are looking forward to see your lovely country.

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Feb 2, 2018 - 11:22 AM in reply to Judycgk

Hi Judycgk,

It isn't my country but it is quite pretty here! :)

So Day 1 is Zurich airport direct to Mt. Titlis? It sounds a little like you are stopping in Bern and Lucerne on the way? Or did you just mean you are connecting through those towns? You won't really have time to stop and explore if that was your thought.

You can use the Swiss railways timetable here to plan out all your trips.

Interlaken can work well as the rail connection yes. Have a look at Lauterbrunnen as well to be a bit closer to Jungfraujoch (and a prettier city with still good rail connections). I like your back-up idea of Lake Thun. :)

Yes, everyone needs to cross their fingers on the weather up in the mountains. Don't worry about the forecast much until the morning of travel - it changes a lot at higher altitudes.

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Feb 2, 2018 - 11:43 AM

O day 1 not stopping - just direct to Mount Titlis (Objective). Plotted the timeline. Should be able to grab some food and put bag in locker at Zurich HB and than enjoy Mount Titlis and than collect bag and go to Bern. Estimated should be reaching Bern about 630pm to 7pm.

For Lake Thun my thoughts were since the Winter Cruise starts at 2pm. I will see how to blend into maybe the Golden Pass Route. It depends if I can plot it in such a way i be able to get on board the boat. LOL. Just a thought. Need to plot out the timeline

If not i will go to Lucerne and enjoy the place before i go to Interlaken via the Golden Pass Route.

My plans need to be flexible (meaning alternatives) else i will waste time. So there will be easy changes as i already have the timeline plot out. So i am working on it. Looking at the time of transportation like train and boats.

There are a lot of possibilities therefore i just need to look at it at a broader picture. Not insist on following a set pattern.

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Feb 2, 2018 - 7:49 PM in reply to Judycgk

Hello Judy,

Visiting Titlis you may be better leaving bags at Lucerne. There is a direct train from Lucerne to Bern. No need to double back to Zurich.

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