Finally decided on Swiss itinerary - advice please

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Mar 19, 2018 - 5:19 PM

First thank you everyone for getting me closer to this itinerary. I was so confused. Here is what I have so far: Should this be the plan?:

Arrive to Rome June 9th- *Already got a hostel in Rome (2 nights). (the beehive)

*Eurail Pass/ (4 day plus 1 free day promo) / 2 country Select Pass- is combined $600 ( $271 for under age 24 - and the cousin pays $329 as an adult.

***Is there an advantage of buying a regular ticket from Milan to Swiss and then using the 4/ 5 day travel pass? The travel pass (4 day- 2nd class) is 231.00 (age 24) and 270.00 (age 28) = $501.00 total but then its only 4 days and we need another 2 tickets from Milan to Swiss.

On June 11th - Go from Rome to Milan to Lucerne.

· Option A: 6/11-Arrive in Lucerne and stay the night. On 6/12 -go to Interlaken to Grindelward on (Grindelward is only a 30 min train ride from Interlaken and it’s a $15 train ticket)? Am I right?

· Option B: 6/11- Go straight from Milan to Lucerne to Interlaken ? (is that the best route from Milano)– This might be best idk -so i can eventually work my way towards Zurich.... (Grindewald-interlaken/ Lucerne/ Zurich- ....i depart on the 17th)

On June 12th and June 13th- (2 nights) stay in Interlaken / Grindelward area at a hostel or something

On June 14th and 15th (2 nights) - Lucerne at a hostel

June 16th to Zurich (1 night) and stay at hostel or something until flight back to USA -

My flight leaves from Zurich Airport on June 17th at 10am

Ive been told i can just leave early from Lucerne on June 17 (depart at 6am) to zurich airport (by 8am)- but If i spent the night in Zurich... is it much quicker to get to the airport to be less stressful? Any recommendations on a place with nightlife..... near the zurich train station. I can get back to the train to go to the airport? Is it even worth it? Right now every time i check the timetable it doesnt let e do June 17 (sunday) for Lucerne to Zurich. It keeps reverting to June 16th. So im confused about that.

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Mar 19, 2018 - 9:11 PM in reply to Lisadee

Hi Lisadee,

I think I read in another thread that you've sorted out your rail passes / train tickets?

I would go to Grindelwald first, stay there for 2 nights, and then to Lucerne for 3 nights. It's very easy to get from Lucerne to Zürich airport. There seems to be a problem with the time table tonigh, but trains are leaving every hour at xx:10 and xx:35 and the trip 1h12.

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Mar 19, 2018 - 11:21 PM in reply to Chantal

-From milan to Gindelwald

stay 11th and 12th Grindewald

-My son said theres alot of cool things to do in interlaken? Can he go there without using the travel pass? Like by bus or another way. Looks like its very close.

-then stay in Lucerne for 3 nights. (13-14-15-)

he wants to do Mt Pilatus (does he use another day for that) or is there a free boat or bus he can take)

-he wants to stay in Zurich on the 16th

-June 17th (am) zurich to airport (if he stays at a hostel near the train) would he be able to enjoy the city of Zurich? ) Is it far from the train station that takes him to the airport? Do people uber to the airport?

Based on my itinerary above- Do you think he should get the 3, 4 or 5 day TRAVEL PASS FLEX?

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Mar 20, 2018 - 4:41 AM in reply to Lisadee

Hello, Lisadee. Swiss Travel Pass Flex are expensive. I have been to Switzerland (always traveled by train) and Rome (not by train). I am from the US as well. My friend has traveled from Rome to the Swiss border on point to point ticket and if you book well in advance from an Italian train company it will be cheap.

Instead of a Eurail pass why not get a 4-day Swiss Travel Pass (STP)? With a Eurail Pass most of the rides to the mountains are only discounted to a mere 25% or none at all. There are a lot of perks being offered by STP, museums and for this year (2018) several mountain rides. They can start using the STP when they get to the Swiss border train on June 11th and make transfers to more Swiss trains until they get to Lauterbrunnen. He can stay at a hostel in Lauterbrunnen which is close to Interlaken , Murren and the Grindelwald/Wengen area. Lauterbrunnen is a 20 minute train ride to Interlaken Ost, about 20 minute ride to Murren and and 40-minute ride to Grindelwald (provided you get to all the connections based on train schedule).

Once he is checked in, from Lauterbrunnen, depending on available time left for the day, they can go to the top of the Schilthorn (free with the STP pass), visit the Trummelbache (not included in the Pass) or head back to Interlaken Ost depending on what they want to explore. The train to Harder Kulm from Interlaken Ost runs until 8pm. Both Grutschalp Trail (take train one way) and Gimmelwald (take cable one way) hikes are easy. Both transportation are free on STP.

On June 12th, they can head to Grindelwald, take a cable to First (reduced rate). There are a lot of activities at First (take note of the last cable ride back to Grindelwald) and connecting trains on to Lauterbrunnen. From Interlaken, the boat rides to Brienz and Thun lakes are free with the Swiss Travel Pass.

On June 13th they can head to Luzern and avail of the free rides to the top of Stansenhorn (funicular, cable way, have to try the Cabrio-O some time), Engelberg to Brunni cableway and Vitznau to Rigi Scheidegg cableway or just visit the Old Town and museums. The use of the STP will go a long way.

On June 14th, upon checking out, some accommodations will allow you to store your luggage to be able to do more daytime activities and come back for them on your way to your next destination. There are late trains from Luzern to Zurich (about 50 minute ride) and in the evening of June 14th, they can head to Luzern closer to the airport. I have not stayed in a hostel, so you can research on those that are closer to the train stations to save travel time . I have usually stayed at Holiday Inn Express in Rumlang/Zurich with free shuttle from the airport. The shuttle to the airport that starts at 4:30 or 5 in the morning. They also provide free breakfast that starts at 4 am, plenty of time for the morning flight back to the US. I hope this helps. Take care.

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Mar 20, 2018 - 4:51 AM

Hi, It is me again. Sorry. When you mentioned a 4-day pass, I overlooked that the departure date from Zurich is on June 17th. During the entire day of June 16th in Zurich, there is a Zurich City Pass / ZurichCARD. Research on the Pass for more info. Thanks.

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Mar 21, 2018 - 2:25 AM in reply to Like2Travel

Thank you!!!

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