High school graduate travel holiday summer of '18

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Mar 9, 2018 - 5:25 PM


US Navy dad who's traveled worldwide looking for advice for daughter.

I had my first (8-day) trip to Switzerland this past (early) October. Traveled Zurich::Lucern::Murren::Bern::Zurich Used 4 day Swiss Travel Pass. Visited Pilatus, Rigi, Schlithorn as 'excursions'. (Schlithorn only one w/ supplement fee)


Immediately returned home and told my HS senior daughter her graduation gift would be trip to Switzerland before moving on to college. She is thrilled!

Just purchased tickets for her and a girlfriend to travel via Geneva Jul 6-22. Hotel in Geneva last night before departing part of the flight plan. Will buy them either 8-day flex or 15 day continuous pass. There is only about a total of $85 dollars difference for two 2nd class youth passes with the 15 day being more. Trying to decide which to choose as this pass will be the majority of their 'activity' expenditures... lots of hiking, city touring, hostel-ing and budget dinning (COOP, Migros)

QUESTIONS: 1) I see a current promotion 20% off for 1st class - Is it likely something will be offered for 2nd class or youth later in the spring? I though I saw a discussion of a 2-for-1 deal offered around March-April '17 (and know that may be too good to be true - but any discount (even 10%) would help me commit that I was buying their passes at the 'right' time.)

2) Does flex pass have restrictions on use when in use for 'other' activities (museums)? (i.e. do you get into museums 'free' on 8-day flex days when you aren't traveling on another conveyance? or does going to a museum 'burn' one of your days (that would suck!))

3) It appears from a July '17 post Pilatus dropped, and Schlithorn joined... Will certainly suggest she do the Rigi round-trip loop from Lucern from ferry, train, hike and cable car & ferry return... That's the kind of perfect day they envision. Would anyone care to comment on the other included 'excursions' cogwheel or cable-cars and their value? I saw this post - and looked at Stanershorn. Are there loop/hike options for that? Is Titlus worth it? (www.myswissalps.com/fo rum/topic/swiss-travel-system-changes-in-2018) Don't think they likely will pay for more items beyond whatever pass I provide. (ah, youth!)

4) I've encouraged them to do Glacier (w/ stops in Zermatt, Lugano and St. Moritz) and Golden Pass (w/ Montreaux, Lauterbraun area and Lucern as stops/stays)... Would other's agree those make sense? Who recommends 'must sees' for two young gals first time in the beautiful Alps?

Thanks to the professionals that run this site - and the fantastic community of travelers that support them also.


A proud dad!

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Mar 9, 2018 - 8:50 PM in reply to Chillytaylor

Hi Chillytaylor and welcome to MySwissAlps!

A very nice gift for your daughter indeed!

  1. I'm not sure how likely a youth or 2nd pass STP promotion will be. You can keep checking our promotions page. I'd guess if it were to happen it would be by late April.
  2. Yes, you can only access the free museums on a travel day for the Swiss Travel Pass Flex - so you'll want to visit the museums on a day you do a good amount of travel.
  3. Rigi and Schilthorn are great free trips this year to take advantage of on the Swiss Travel Pass. Stanserhorn can be hiked if they wish - otherwise it is the cable car. :) If budget is a concern I'd skip Titlis and do the Schilthorn.
  4. Lugano isn't on the Glacier Express route (if that is what you meant by Glacier?).

    The Glacier Express and Golden Pass train trips are fantastic for people wanting to see Swiss mountains and nature. I visited Europe (and Switzerland) with friends for the 1st time at
    around age 20/21 and I don't recall thinking much of Switzerland at the time...perhaps coming from Western Canada mountains weren't too exciting! What are your daughters interested in? Do they like to hiking and the outdoors etc? If so you have some good ideas for an itinerary. :)
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Mar 9, 2018 - 11:13 PM

Since they are going to be in Switzerland for 15 days I'd get the Swiss Travel Pass (continuous pass) without hesitation! Last year it was invaluable to be able to just jump on a train whenever I decided to change plans on a whim. Some of the cables will cost a little though even with the pass, but not much; I wouldn't let that keep them from going wherever the wind blew that day. Totally worth it not to have to worry about whether they should travel on a sunny day as opposed to being limited to 8 days when weather might be iffy and they have to stress out about whether to use their pass that day.

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