Ideas for 6/7 day itinerary across Switzerland

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Jun 6, 2018 - 8:12 PM

Hello all! Thank you everyone for sharing their knowledge and tips so far. There is just way too much information to take in and I'm drowning in it!

I'm a bit of a last minute planner so now I'm struggling to get my itinerary firmed up before my trip in less than 2 weeks' time yikes! So would appreciate any help I can get.

I already have a simple itinerary done up. It is definitely a doable plan but wanted some feedback on whether there are things that I should/shouldn't do or miss out on (or which mountains I can skip). It's my first time in Switzerland and I'm quite happy to take it easy for this trip as I would already have been travelling for 2 weeks in Italy and I just want a relaxing time enjoying the Alpine scenery (and eating lots of chocolate and cheese). My plans are still very flexible as my flights are yet to be booked.

I am planning to get the 8-day Swiss Travel Pass to save me the hassle of getting individual tickets. (I could possibly get a 4-day pass instead and pay full price for the rest of the days I'm not travelling as much. Wondering if that would be cheaper but after some really rough calculations, perhaps not worth the trouble...?)

First question:

Coming in from Naples - wondering whether to fly to Geneva or Zurich? Or does it really not matter?

If starting from Geneva:

Day 1 (23 June - Sat)

Arrive midday

A bit of sightseeing.

Overnight stay in Geneva.

Day 2 (24 June - Sun):

Train to Montreux.

Visit Chillon Castle.

Train to Zermatt.

Overnight stay in Zermatt.

Day 3 (25 June - Mon):

Visit Gornergrat.

Train to Interlaken.

Overnight stay in Interlaken.

Day 4 (26 June - Tues):

Was planning to do Jungfraugoch but heard horror stories of altitude sickness (including from my cousin). So I can potentially skip this. But I'll still try my best of course.

Might do Schilthorn.

Overnight stay in Interlaken

Day 5 (27 June - Wed):

Train to Lucerne (via Golden Pass)

Golden round trip to Mt Pilatus.

Also considering Mt Titlis as an alternative.

Overnight stay in Lucerne.

Day 6 (28 June - Thurs)

Train to Rhine Falls and surrounding areas. Boat ride there.

Train back to Milan in the evening.

Overnight stay in Milan.

If starting from Zurich (somewhat similar, just in reverse order):

Day 1 (23 June - Sat)

Arrive 6pm. Just chilling and a bit of sightseeing.

Overnight stay in Zurich.

Day 2 (24 June - Sun)

Train to Rhine falls and surrounding areas.

Train to Lucerne.

Overnight stay in Lucerne.

Day 3 (25 June - Mon)

Golden round trip to Mt Pilatus .

Sightseeing local area.

Overnight stay in Lucerne.

Day 4 (26 June - Tues)

Visit Mt Titlis. (Or something else?)

Train to Interlaken.

Overnight stay in Interlaken.

Day 5 (27 June - Wed)

Visit Jungfraugoch.

Or Schilthorn.

Overnight stay in Interlaken.

Day 6 (28 June - Thurs)

Visit Gornergrat.

Overnight stay in Zermatt.

Day 7 (29 June - Fri)

Train from Zermatt to Brig (on Glacier Express)

Brig to Milan reaching 10:50am (fingers crossed I don't miss any connection or transfer!)

The only thing I cannot change is the fact that I have to return on Milan central station by 1pm latest (to be safe) on 29 June to catch my flight home from Malpensa airport at 5pm.

Main questions:

1. Too many mountains?

2. How are my choice of bases and the number of days in each base (Interlaken, Lucerne namely)? Are there others I should consider instead?

Thanks so much!

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Jun 7, 2018 - 6:02 AM in reply to paraparapara

Hi Paraparapara and welcome to MySwissAlps!

  1. I don't think you have too many mountain trips - but if you feel like during your trip you've had enough then I'd have some other plans made for an alternative. https://www.myswissalp - perhaps a boat trip? https://www.myswissalp ctrips/boat
    I haven't heard of anyone getting altitude sickness at Jungfraujoch (at least personally, here on the forum or elsewhere but I'm sure it happens from time to time). If you are concerned, Schilthorn is lower and free with the Swiss Travel Pass.
  2. I'd try to keep my bases to 2 maybe 3 at the most. Lucerne is a good option and maybe a town like Grindelwald or Wengen rather than Interlaken and then either Montreux or Zermatt.
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Jun 7, 2018 - 7:22 AM in reply to Lucas

Thanks Lucas. Your reply is helpful and I will look into Grindelwald and Wengen as well. Definitely will be trying to fit in a few boat trips and food tours! Alright, thanks for the reassurance, I shall try Jungfraujoch. My poor cousin ended up cutting her time there short once she started feeling a bit unwell. But hope that it won't happen to me.

One last thing - based on those two itineraries, would it be better to fly into Zurich or Geneva?

Or perhaps it doesn't really matter where I start? The air fares are similar so that isn't much of a determining factor either. I'm thinking whether to just flip a coin to decide!

Thanks again! :)

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Jun 7, 2018 - 11:15 AM in reply to paraparapara

Both airports and itineraries work fine.

From Lucerne you can go to Lugano on the Gotthard Panorama Express (and then Milan)
https://www.myswissalp express

or from Zermatt you go to Brig and on to Domodossola and down to Milan.

You can use the Swiss railways timetable to find your options to/from all towns: https://www.myswissalp
FYI It always gives the fastest route by default.

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