Wengen, Spiez, Montreux, Golden Pass then to Paris

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Jun 13, 2017 - 4:46 AM

Hello Everybody,

I know this question might have been answered but I have searched a lot but haven't got answer specific to my question.

I have planned my trip to military precision and I need a bit of help regarding my itinerary from Interlaken to Paris. I am planning to take the Interlaken to Montreux Golden pass route so that I donot miss the much said beautiful route . I am planing to then go Geneva from Montreux and catch TGV to Paris from there.

After I spend 3 days in Wengen we start at 5.00 AM in the 4th day to SPIEZ by normal train so that we can catch the GOLDEN PASS train from SPIEZ to MONTREUX via ZWEISIMMEN at 7.40 AM. ( since GP from Interlaken starts at 9 AM and we will be late to arrive in Paris if we start kate).

I have 3 questions as below : 1) Will it be safe and convenient to catch so early train since it would still be dark at that time..?? 2) Is this route ( Interlaken to Montreux via Spiez and Zeisimmen by Golden Pass ) worth this much trouble ?? 3) Or shall we catch train normal train to BASEL from Interlaken and from BASEL to PARIS directly or any other route suggestion from you ??

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Jun 13, 2017 - 6:44 AM in reply to ronnywitty

Hi Ronnywitty and welcome to MySwissAlps!

  1. Yes, certainly safe to catch the train in the early morning; as for convenient...well that's more your call ;)
  2. The route is quite nice between Zweisimmen and Montreux (and this section is the one with the Panoramic trains) noted as MOB panoramic or MOB Belle Epoque on the train schedule here. Make sure you are on these trains to really make this detour worth it!
  3. but from Wengen to go all the way to Geneva via Montreux rather than just going up to Basel and on to Paris....it depends on how badly you want to go on a panoramic train in the end....if you have no others planned on your trip (and you don't mind the longer travel day) then I would go for it.
  4. Read more about the Golden Pass and what to expect here.
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Jun 13, 2017 - 7:59 AM

Hello Lucas..

Thanks a lot for your quick response..Below are the points that I have concluded and few questions :

1) For point 1 I am good to go as early as possible..so that I donot miss the TGV from Laussane/Geneva

( Probable timings : a) Laussane to Paris - 12:23 from LAUSANNE and reach 16:03 PARIS GARE DE LYON or b) 14:41 from GENEVA CORNAVIN and reach at 17:51 PARIS GARE DE LYON ) -

- Above timings checked in www.tgv-lyria.com/en/

2) If I take Golden pass from Interlaken to Montreux ( Timetable as per reservation.goldenpass .ch/reservation )

Option A) Interlaken Ost dep. 09:08 and Montreux arr. 12:13, then I would not be able to reach Laussane or Geneva to catch my TGV..

Option B) Spiez dep. 07:36 and Montreux arr. 10:13( Reach Spiez by normal train from Wengen by 7.15 ..trains starting at 5.12 from Wengen as per www.sbb.ch/en/) ..then catch train to Laussane/Geneva and reach by 12 or 2 and catch TGV to Paris..

I am planning to Opt for Option B. Please let me know if there is any issue you find in my plan. In www.sbb.ch/en/ I am not able to find trains speicific to Golden Pass trains but I can see the details in reservation.goldenpass .ch/reservation. So shal I go ahead and book in reservation.goldenpass .ch/reservation as per option B if you donot find any problem in my plan. Expecting your expert comments if any change required.

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Jun 13, 2017 - 4:26 PM in reply to ronnywitty


Option B looks fine (its just a matter of getting up early!) You have tthe correct website to make the reservations.

You should be able to find the panoramic trains on the Golden Pass route on the timetable. They are denoted as MOB Panoramic (modern) or MOB Belle Epoque (heritage). Other trains on the route are regular regional trains.

To be sure to travel via the Golden Pass line, go to the advanced search options on the timetable and enter the via-stations Meiringen and Zweisimmen (when searching Spiez or Interlaken to Montreux).

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