Route details of the hike Binn - Freichi - Binn

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How to get there & route details

How to get to Binn and how to walk from there.

How to get there and back

Binn can be reached from Fiesch by car or by bus. Fiesch can be reached by train or by car from Brig and Oberwald. Drivers may park in Fiesch to take the bus to Binn from there. It spares you from driving on the narrow road to Binn. If you want to park in the Binn valley, you can use the parking lot near Imfeld to start hiking from there.


Follow the signs from Binn to the settlement of Imfeld. From Imfeld, turn into the ascending path, diagonally to the left, which crosses pasture land and forest further on. Follow the signs to Freichi and the red/white markings. Cross the river of Binna at Freichi and head for Binn. From the parking lot at Imfeld, take the path to the right. It continues via the left bank of the Binna, and a camping site. You will eventually cross the river again to follow the path that runs between some houses and return to the path of the first section of the route. From here, it takes 20 minutes to walk back to Binn.


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