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Hiking route details Gastern valley

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How to get there & route details

How to reach the Gastern valley and route details.

How to get there and back

The parking lot of Eggeschwand is close to the entrance to the Gastern valley. There is a cable car station here, but you do not need it for this hike. You can walk from the railway station in Kandersteg to the parking lot in about half an hour.

The Gastern valley is almost car free. There is a limited bus service. Cars can access the narrow road during limited timeframes and after paying a road tax. We strongly recommend not to drive here but rather enjoy the valley on foot.


A steep path leads you from the parking lot into the valley. The desolated scenery with rocks and roaring streams suddenly changes place with a restful wide valley with meandering rivers and sandy plains. Impressive rocks faces rise up from both sides of the valley.

The indicated duration and distance for this hike are averages. You will have to walk the same way back so it is up to you how far you walk into the valley. However, a path and a sandy road run parallel so some variety is possible. The first part of the route mainly follows the river Kander. Then you will enter a forest. If you bother to walk further on you will see quite unusual, fierce rock faces.


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