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Route details Melchtal - Sachseln

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How to get there and navigation details

How to reach Melchtal and how to find your way to Sachseln.

How to reach Melchtal

There are buses from the rail station of Sarnen to the village of Melchtal. You need to get off at 'Melchtal Dorf'.

How to travel back from Sachseln

The route ends at the train station of Sachseln. You can take trains to Sarnen/Lucerne or Meiringen/Interlaken.


From the bus stop, you'll first walk to the river and cross it. Follow the signs to Flüeli-Ranft. There are two routes. Make sure to follow the regular trail (marked yellow), not the mountain trail (marked white-red-white).

Once you have reached Ranft, walk straight on and follow the signs to Sachseln. Whenever multiple routes are available, take to shortest one. In Sachseln, you will pass the church on your right. About 150 m furtheron, turn right into the Brünigstrasse and immediately left into the Bahnhofstrasse to reach the rail station.


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