Saver Day Pass prices & retailers

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Saver Day Pass prices and retailers

Below you'll find points of sale. The Saver Day Pass is only available online. Be sure to read about the restrictions before ordering.


  • The Saver Day Pass is cheaper if you have a Swiss Half Fare Card;
  • Swiss Family Card: children, stepchildren and foster children from 6 to 15 (inclusive) travel for free (even on routes where the parents only get a discount), if accompanied by at least one parent with a Swiss Half Fare Card. You can get the Swiss Family Card free of charge while ordering a Swiss Half Fare Card. If you do not have a Swiss Family Card, then you can consider a Junior travelcard or Children’s Co-travelcard, please see here;
  • Children from 6 to 15 (inclusive) who travel on their own get a 50% discount on the Saver Day Pass. Please find more options here;
  • Children up to 5 travel along for free. They don't need a pass;
  • There are no special fares for seniors or groups.


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Purchase option 1: Online via SBB domestic shop

CHF 52.00 p.p. (no additional charges) (from price of the 2nd class Saver Day Pass)

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