Area of validity of the Swiss Transfer Ticket

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Where can I travel with the Swiss Transfer Ticket?

The basic rules are:

  • You can reach any village for free on the first day, regardless whether you need to travel by train, bus, boat or mountain transport to get there. City transport (trams, city buses) is not included. The same applies to the last day;
  • There are no travel benefits on all other days;
  • The Swiss Transfer Ticket is valid in Switzerland only. A few rail and bus routes crossing the border allow free traveling too. Examples are EuroAirport (France) to Basel, Martigny to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (France), Brig to Domodossola (Italy), Domodossola to Locarno and buses in Liechtenstein;
  • You can start and end your transfers at an airport, border station, or Zurich HB (main station), Bern, Geneva, Lausanne or Lugano.

Download the network map for all details.

Download the map

How the map works

  • Free traveling is explained in the right side of the map;
  • Traveling with the Swiss Transfer Ticket applies to all trains that operate on the indicated lines and that are listed in the timetables. The train type (InterCity, local, panoramic) and the operating company do not matter. The Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Golden Pass and other panoramic trains are thus included;
  • Some lines are dashed to indicate longer tunnels, but you can travel there for free as well. Frutigen to Visp is an example of such a route;
  • There are too many bus routes to fit on the map. In principle, all public bus services are free of charge on the first/last day.
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