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Commercial disclosure of MySwissAlps.com

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Why we need income

There are several people working on technical maintenance, content updates and helping out tourists, both full time and part time. Apart from that, running a website requires hardware, software licenses and subscriptions to online services. This website started very small. It has expanded over the years, and it now takes a lot of effort to keep it running. We enjoy doing this, but money is essential. Without money, this website would cease to exist.

How we earn income

Our goal is to have a clear and practical website that is a pleasure to use for tourists going to Switzerland. We use very few banners, no "plain" advertising, no sponsored articles and no visitor tracking across ad networks. Our income is generated by the websites of the partners we link to. We do not sell anything ourselves.

Commercial, non-commercial, partner and affiliate links

We link to websites that we find useful for our visitors. There are two types of links:

  • Some links are commercial, meaning that we may earn money if you click those links. Such links are also referred to as affiliate links or partner links (since we have a relationship with the website we link to);
  • Other links are non-commercial, meaning that we do not earn money from them.

Both commercial and non-commercial links are very common on the internet. In general, only hobby and government websites may have non-commercial links only.

If you click a commercial link, we may earn money in several ways: in some cases the click itself earns us a small amount. In most cases we earn money only if you place an order on the website we link to. This can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the order. Income is not guaranteed: common reasons to not receive a payment are cancelled orders, orders via duplicate marketing channels, or orders that can't be tracked back to visitors from MySwissAlps. Our income hugely varies because of this, seasonal variations and various other factors.

For you as a website visitor, commercial links on MySwissAlps don't cause negative effects. You won't pay more for orders you place. In some cases you may pay less because a discount can be offered in cooperation with our partner. In many cases, we can offer better assistance and product information because of our relationship with our partners. Of course, we only work with partners we trust. We do not exclusively work with one partner; we want to be independent and link to the websites that serve our visitors best, while earning sufficient income to keep this website running. We have a lot of partners. You can read about some of them here.

Last modification: January 28, 2020.

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