Where to buy seat reservations for Swiss trains?

Prices and resellers of train seat reservations

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How to purchase seat reservations?

Seat reservations are typically available from 2 to 3 months prior to the travel date. They can be purchased online, or at staffed rail stations shortly before traveling. However, it makes sense to book as early as possible as seats can sell out. Below you'll find points of sale.


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Promotion available
  • PROMOTION: Up to $100 off (valid through March 26, 2018)
    Availability is limited, this promotion may end sooner.
  • Delivery options: print at home (not available for all products), overnight delivery and more
  • Free shipping on orders from $399 (sometimes $449) if there's no print at home for your order
  • Helpdesk in the US to answer questions
  • Extended support: MySwissAlps can answer most questions regarding your order as well
  • Seat reservations and discounted tickets for pass holders
  • Rail Protection Plan to cover loss or theft of your passes/tickets
  • Payment in USD
  • Pass validation: if there are any blank fields (e.g. passport number), you can fill these out yourself. There is no need to visit a service desk for validation.

  • Passes: purchase only possible at staffed stations during opening hours. Domestic tickets: also available via ticketing machines. International tickets: in most cases, a CHF 10 p.p. service fee applies ("SBB Auftragspauschale International"). For details, refer to the railway company servicing the station of choice.
  • There may be queues at busier times, particularly in popular towns and airport train stations
  • Pass prices are equal to those in the Swiss Railways webshop (if they sell this particular product)
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  • Payment in Swiss francs (the exact amount you spend depends on the exchange rate of the day and fees your bank may charge).
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