Traffic information Switzerland - roadworks, pass conditions

Switzerland traffic information

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Road maintenance is a challenge in the mountains. Roadworks are carried out frequently to keep the Swiss roads in excellent state.

Roadworks and pass conditions

Point to a dot on the map to see the traffic situation of that location. The map shows roadworks and pass conditions.

Closed ​pass roads

In winter, passes can be closed, or driving conditions can be difficult (e.g. snow on the road). In that case it is recommended to travel by train instead. In some cases there are tunnels that remain open, or car-trains. Passes may also close all year round in case of severe weather.

The below passes are usually closed in Winter, which can be as long as October to June. This list is not exhaustive. The map shows current conditions for all passes.

  • Albula Pass;
  • Flüela Pass;
  • Furka Pass;
  • Gotthard Pass;
  • Grand-Saint-Bernard Pass;
  • Grimsel Pass;
  • Klausen Pass;
  • Nufenen Pass;
  • Oberalp Pass;
  • San Bernardino Pass;
  • Susten Pass.

What if driving is not safe or not possible?

Switzerland has an excellent network of trains and other public transport. It's a safe, scenic and eco-friendly alternative to traveling by car. Please see here for all details.

Note that there are many places that can not be reached by car, either because cars are not allowed there, or because there's no road. A Swiss Half Fare Card allows you to save money on the tickets for trains and cable cars to such places. You will also save on boat tickets for the Swiss lakes.

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