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Welcome to the Swiss Alps

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The Bernina Express on its way from Switzerland to Italy.
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Flowers along the Aare in Thun


Find out what town or region appeals to you most.

Cable car to Piz Nair


Viewing points, scenic train rides, boat trips, hiking. It's all here!

Train near the Jungfrau


There are many ways to travel to and in Switzerland. About trains, cars, buses, boats, cable cars and the tickets you need.



The forum is the place to ask your questions, talk with other travelers and get the news about traveling to Switzerland.


Insider tips about the Swiss Alps

  • The weather varies by the season, day, time, location and especially altitude. You'd best dress in multiple thinner layers so you can adjust to the local circumstances.
  • The Swiss train system is safe, clean and easy to use. In most cases, it's a much better choice than a road trip.
  • Nearly all public transport can be found in one single online timetable.

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Get a customized itinerary for your trip

Let Swiss travel consultants create a customized itinerary. They will book your entire trip.


How to choose the best rail pass

Learn how to pick the rail pass that best fits your plans.


At the forum

Swiss Travel Pass Advance purchase
Just wondering how far ahead I can purchase my Swiss Travel Pass. I know I can only book trains 90 days or less in advance but wasn't sure how long the Pass is valid for once purchased. regards
5 day trip Geneva to Zurich via Golden Pass route
Good Morning, We are planning a trip in August to Switzerland and need help with some planning. We are flying in to Geneva and then want to take Golden Express to Zurich . From Zurich we are going to travel to Paris ( 2 days ) and finally Paris to London and fly back to USA ...
Hotel near Zurich bus station
Hallo.. Maybe someone can help me to advise if it's safe to arrive Zurich bus station in 2 am / after midnigt in 26 Dec 2017 from Innsbruck by Flixbus. Can I stay at the bus station until morning? or is there any transit hotel near station? Thank you very much
Train trip St Moritz to Lugano on 25 Dec. 2017
Hi! I will be traveling to Switzerland over the Christmas week and will be taking a train trip. I want to get from st moritz to Lugano on the Christmas Day but I am not sure if there are any transportation on that day. Can anybody help me? FYI I bought the Swiss pass.
Solo travel ideas for 2-3 nights in Switzerland
Hi, Does anyone have suggestions on where to go in February 2018 in Switzerland for 2-3 nights? I'm attending a symposium in Milan which ends on Saturday mid-day. Was hoping to travel to Switzerland from Milan and leave Switzerland on the following Tuesday. I understand some c...
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