Must-knows about driving a car in Switzerland

  • Switzerland has a high-quality road network, including scenic pass roads.
  • Several mountain villages and regions are car-free: you need public transport there.
  • If you want to use the Swiss motorways, you need a motorway vignette.
  • Driving in Switzerland requires experience, focus, and caution.
  • You need to know the traffic rules and the expected behavior on pass roads.
  • Even if you travel by car, you’ll probably make day trips by train, boat, bus, and cable car too. A Swiss Half Fare Card can help you save money.

Before you decide on driving

A safe trip starts with the essentials. Learn about the must-knows of driving in the Swiss Alps before you decide to travel by car.

Car viaduct and regional SBB train between Veytaux and Villeneuve

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Swiss speed limit traffic sign in the mountains

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Road with ice and snowy trees in Switzerland

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Prepare for your drive

Be ready when you arrive in Switzerland, and arrange for your motorway vignette, rental car and more.

Swiss motorway vignettes on car windshield

Motorway vignette

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Basel EuroAirport car rental companies

Car rental

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Rhaetian Railways ticketing machine 1

Swiss Half Fare Card

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Car at the Albula Pass road

Car trips

If you’re an experienced driver, you’ll enjoy these beautiful alpine pass roads and other scenic car trips in Switzerland.

More details on driving in Switzerland

Prevent surprises and find even more information about driving in Switzerland here.

Busy Swiss motorway with road signs near Basel

Traffic information

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Parking meter near Interlaken West station


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Cars in line for Lötschberg car train Kandersteg-Goppenstein

Car trains

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Camper site in the Gruyères region

Driving with van, caravan or mobile home

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3-d map of Switzerland with flag

Map of Switzerland

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Other websites of interest

  • / phone number 0800 140 140: roadside assistance in Switzerland

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Page author: ArnoI have visited Switzerland countless times since 1997. I've explored most of the country, but find myself staying in the Bernese Oberland and Graubünden most frequently. The alps and the rail network remain very impressive, even after all these years.