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Forum rules

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About the forum rules

You are most welcome to post to our forums. Posting means that you agree to comply to the forum rules that are explained here.

We want the forum to be a friendly and helpful place for everyone. We highly appreciate your willingness to spend a few minutes reading our rules.

Many thanks!

Prepare before you post

  • The MySwissAlps moderators and other forum members are glad to help you, but ultimately, you are responsible for your trip planning.
  • Please first try to find answers yourself. Nearly everything you need to plan your trip is available on our website. The search box at the top of the website is useful.
  • We do not create itineraries. You'd better do that yourself as you know your interests and budget best. We'd be glad to comment on your itinerary if you post it to the forum and ask questions.
  • There are multiple forums. Please be sure to post to the right forum, and read the FAQ's (frequently asked questions) first:
    • Rail forum: traveling by train and other public transport (FAQ's are here).
    • Accommodation forum: finding the best hotel, apartment, camping, etc. (guidelines explaining how to ask for tips can be found here).
    • Miscellaneous forum: all other topics, like hiking, sightseeing, traveling by car, itinerary advice, SIM cards, etc. (FAQ's are here).
    • Trip reports forum: reports about completed trips (not about planned itineraries).
  • You can either create a new thread or add a post to an existing thread. In most cases, creating a new thread is best if you want to ask a question. Post to an existing thread if you can answer a question posted there, or if your question is very closely related to the discussion.

How to write

  • Please provide enough information. For example: the question "What can I do in 7 days in Interlaken?" can be answered much better if you include some information about your interests, preferences, when you plan to travel, age of the travelers, etc.
  • Spell location names correctly. There are many places in Switzerland with almost the same name, so you can easily confuse readers if you're not spelling correctly. Note that the name of the country is "Switzerland", not "Swiss".
  • Writing in capitals only is not allowed.
  • A clear thread title is more likely to get attention. For example: "How to find easy hiking trails near Interlaken?" is much better than "Info required".
  • Duplicate posts are not allowed. This also applies if you reply to people and often give them the same (long) answer. In such a case you need to post your answer in a new thread, so that it is available in one place. You can link to that thread instead of repeating the same answer again and again.
  • Write in English only.
  • Avoid "text talk". Please write "are you" instead of "r u", for example.
  • Your post should be easy to read. Use bullet lists and line breaks if necessary.
  • This is a public forum. Do not post private data of yourself or others (e.g. e-mail addresses and phone numbers).
  • Spamming, advertising or selling items is not allowed. You are allowed to occasionally mention your business if it's relevant in the discussion.
  • Do not reply to spam. We'll remove such posts as soon as possible.
  • Posts must be on topic and about (tourism in) Switzerland. Other countries and politics are not on topic, for example.
  • Please make sure that your posts do not contain any material that may infringe upon the copyright of third parties.
  • You may only use one account to post to the forum. Using multiple accounts is considered spamming.
  • Moderators can edit posts, including links and attachments. They will do so to make posts more clear or helpful to readers. Moderators can also remove or edit posts if they don't add value, aren't relevant, or can come across as unfriendly.

Be polite and patient

  • All posts will be answered. Please be patient.
  • Please be polite, even if you write about a company, service or answer you're not satisfied with. Insults, cursing, etc. are not allowed.
  • Don't be judgmental. People have different interests and different travel styles. That's okay.
  • People spend time to answer your questions. A "thank you" will be appreciated.
  • We appreciate it if you post a trip report once you've returned from Switzerland.

What happens if you don't comply to the rules?

We may edit or remove your post. In case of violations such as spamming, your post and user account will be deleted without warning.

Please note that only the moderators can interpret, apply and change the forum rules.

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