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Grindelwald - Hotel suggestions

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Hotel suggestions for Grindelwald

Many of the hotels listed here are at walking distance from the main rail station of Grindelwald. Grindelwald has a second station called Grindelwald Grund, but that's outside of the center. The main station is an easy starting point for trips into the mountains, including a visit to the Jungfraujoch. We have listed the best budget, mid range and luxurious hotels in Grindelwald.

Note that Grindelwald is hilly. If your hotel is somewhere along the streets Dorfstrasse or Spillstattstrasse, the altitude difference during your walk to the station is mostly insignificant. Hotels farther away from these streets could be up to 100 m up or down the hill. There are buses and taxis to get to your hotel though.

The hotels provide a free Visitor's Card when checking in. The card provides various discounts on local attractions and cableways. Note that if you own a rail pass, you will usually get a better discount in a much larger area.


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Grindelwald, Belvedere Swiss Quality Hotel

Very comfortable hotel offering stunning views of the Eiger north face.

Details & rates

Grindelwald, Berghaus Bort

A wonderful hotel amidst alpine scenery of the Jungfrau region. Impressive views of the Wetterhorn, the Eiger and much more. You can ski or hike as soon as you step outside the hotel. There's a restaurant, a terrace and lots of room types. The Berghaus is located right next to the cable car station Bort. This cable car connects Grindelwald to First. In summer, guests are allowed to use the narrow road to reach the hotel. Altitude: 1561 m.

Details & rates

Grindelwald, Hotel Bodmi Superior

Magnificent location with views of the Eiger and Wetterhorn. Perfect for winter sports, but also for hiking directly from the hotel.

Details & rates

Grindelwald, Hotel Cabana

Hotel Cabana is located in the outskirts of Grindelwald and offers fabulous views of the Eiger, Wetterhorn and many other mountains. This is a small and popular accommodation. Highly recommended by many guests.

Details & rates

Grindelwald, Derby Swiss Quality Hotel

The most convenient location: right next to the rail station where the trains to Kleine Scheidegg, the Jungfraujoch and Interlaken depart.

Details & rates

Grindelwald, Eiger Selfness Hotel

Apartments and hotel rooms in the main street. Close to the rail station and the gondola up to First.

Details & rates

Grindelwald, Jungfrau Lodge

Affordable rooms just outside the center of Grindelwald. Great views of the Eiger and the other mountains from the south facing rooms.

Details & rates

Grindelwald, Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof

Beautiful romantic hotel just outside the town center. Convenient location close to the rail station.

Details & rates

Grindelwald, Youth Hostel

Basic accommodation just outside of town.

Details & rates
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