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Camp sites in the Swiss Alps

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Camp sites in Switzerland

There are many campings throughout Switzerland. Some do not only offer places for your mobile home or tent, but also offer rentals like small chalets or mobile homes.

Not all camp sites are at picturesque locations. If beautiful views and spacious pitches are important to you, you'd best do some research on the site and its surroundings.

Wild camping

Wild camping is not allowed in the valleys, inhabited areas and forests. Regulations are set by local authorities, so exceptions may apply here and there, but it's best to assume that it's not allowed. You'd better book a camp site. It's never allowed in wildlife sanctuaries and conservation areas.

In the mountains, above the tree line, wild camping is basically allowed, apart from conservation areas. This applies for one night only, with a limited number of people, and if you don't make noise and leave no waste. Also it is important that you know how to stay safe from rock falls, flooding and storms. Additional regulations apply, so be sure to read the Swiss Alpine Club recommendations.

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