Car trains in Switzerland

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Cars are boarding the Lötschberg car train in Kandersteg, to make their way across the Alps to Goppenstein in the Valais.

Why use a car train?

If pass roads are closed, or if you simply prefer not to drive on passes, car trains are a great way to get the car and passengers to the other side of the mountain. You drive your car on the train and either stay seated or sit in a passengers coach (it varies per route). Some car trains have to be booked in advance. Others work like toll tunnels: you simply show up, pay, and drive on to the train.

Car trains in Switzerland

  • Lötschberg car train from Kandersteg to Goppenstein. Reservations are not necessary. There is no alternative road.
  • Vereina car train from Selfranga (Klosters) to Saglians (Lower Engadine). Reservations are not necessary. An alternative is the Flüela Pass road.
  • Furka car train from Oberwald to Realp (near Andermatt). An alternative is the Furka Pass road.
  • Oberalp car train from Andermatt to Sedrun. An alternative is the Oberalp Pass road.
  • Car train from Kandersteg to Iselle (Italy). There is no alternative road.
  • Car train from Brig to Iselle (Italy). An alternative is the Simplon Pass road.
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