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Clarification on restricted service of cable cars

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Jan 12, 2016 - 12:14 PM

Dear Sir,

I have gone through one of your posts at the link 'www.myswissalps.com/ forum/topic/10-day-vacation-in-switzerland-in-june-2016' .

I need a small clarification on this that the cableways offer no service or restricted service after April 15 and before that. Kindly clarify by which month the service starts to be restricted and till which month does the restriction lasts. I have plans of visiting in the last week of March.

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Jan 12, 2016 - 4:36 PM in reply to noaman

Dear Noaman-

Sorry - the comment in theother link was not as clear as it could be.

Cableways in Switzerland may be a form of regular public transportation for access to some towns. An example is the Luftseilbahn from Weggis to Rigi Kaltbad near Lake Lucern. It runs every day all year, except for a maintenance time.

If they are regular public transport, in general, they run all year except for, perhaps, a short maintenance period.

In many other cases, cableways are privately run, or are for excursions to mountain tops, or for skiiers or hikers. These run at times of good demand, but may shut down when there is no demand.....such as when there are no skiers or no hikers going to mountain tops, The most common example of that in this forum is the cableways in high alpine skiing resorts. The run during the snowy season for skiers, and often, during the warm season(s) for hikers and sightseers. Near the Jungfrau, they typically run from early June onwards to some time in the late fall or early winter, when they are used by hikers. Then they shut down for aseveral weeks. Then, from about December 15th, they run until late April or into May, for skiiers. In between those seasons, the alpine regions are no good for skiing and c an be rainy, muddy, wet, and generally not frequented by too many tourists. Hotels take breaks for vacations and to do maintenance, and cableways are not running to allow maintainence, or simply do not run.

The cableway from Wengen to Männlichen, for example, typically begins "Summer" service on about June 1, depending on remaining snow conditions or trail conditions. But, for the last few weeks in May, it might run for late season skiiers only on some weekends - if there is enough snow.

Each cableway (not the small ski lifts) has its own schedule. They are listed by name in the timetable:

www.myswissalps.com/ti metable

For example, look up the cableway from Wengen to Männlichen for dates that concern you. If they are in late May, you will likely find "No service." If you look up June 20th, you will find a schedule.

If you are looking for the cable way from Wengen to Männlichen, you may enter those names in the timetable. If you want to be very specific,the lower station is at Wengen Wengiboden and the upper station is at Männlichen LWM. (the "GGM" name is for the upper station of the cable way from Grindelwald Grund. It is close to the "LWM" station.)

If by any chance you have access to a printed timetable book....some hotels still have them....the listing for the particular cableway gives dates of service, with detailed footnotes, all in one place. On line, it may be possible to look that up by a Google search for the name of the cableway company or location. Never tried it. That might tell when they are running.

The only way that I am sure is always reliable is to use the time table for the date you need it; and, if you are in the vicinity during one of the "between seasons" periods, check at a manned rail station, the tourist office, or your hotel front desk.

In March, there will almost certainly will be snow, skiiers and cableways near the Jungfrau.

I do not remember from your earlier posts where you intend to visit. If it is not the Jungfrau region, let us know. Also, if you have trouble finding what you need, give us your dates and locations and we can check for you.

Does that help?



May is a lot more pleasant time to visit than March at lower elevations.

March will be barely into Spring in most of Switzerland, and will be Winter in the Alps.

You have not let us know what parts of Switzerland you wish to visit.......


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