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Driving Lauterbrunnen to Como

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Aug 11, 2015 - 12:13 PM


does anyone have advice on the route from Lauterbrunnen to Lake Como area? We will be driving from Zurich to Lucern then staying in Murren for 2 nights leaving the car in Lauterbrunnen.

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Aug 11, 2015 - 11:29 PM in reply to caforman8188

<<"does anyone have advice on the route from Lauterbrunnen toLake Como area? We will be driving from Zurich to Lucern then staying inMurren for 2 nights leaving the car in Lauterbrunnen.">>

You may choose to do it by whatever route you prefer, and I am sure you will enjoy it.

My advice is to turn in your rental car when you arrive in or near Interlaken, and take the train to the Ticino.

From there, pick up a car when and if you need it to proceed further.

That is very scenic country for train travel, and you can see it better if your are not trying to keep your car from falling off the edge of the cliff on alpine roads.

Just my opinion.


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Aug 12, 2015 - 8:59 AM

I agree with the above advice: if you can take the train, then do so. You can watch the scenery instead of the road and the traffic. If you're going to drive then the best route depends on whether you prefer the quickest/safest or most scenic route, and whether you mind/enjoy driving pass roads. Let us know your thoughts and we'll gladly look into it. Meanwhile, please see our train section and car section for additional information.

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new member
Aug 12, 2015 - 11:57 AM


I made that trip a few years ago by car. I hope you like driving on the beautiful high alpine roads. If so I would recommand the route over the Grimselpass and Furkapass. Or, if you like a more "hardcore" route, take the Nufenenpass instead of the Furkapass. It's the second highest pass in Switzerland. At Airolo you can take the highway to Como. It will take almost 4 hours excluding sightseeing. I can assure you that you will get out of your car often to watch the beautiful scenery.

If you want a more relaxed day, take the train like mentioned above.

Have fun!


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Aug 12, 2015 - 1:18 PM in reply to markvw

<<"If you want a more relaxed day">>

I drove those roads in stages a few years ago. I agree that it is quite an exciting experience; I'd think twice before I did it again. It is very tiring to drive those roads. You will not be relaxed at the end of the drive. There is some very old history - from the early days of travel and living up there. Old churches.....

I recall that many of the high alpine roads did not have guardrails and probably still do not. If you are willing to drive those roads, it is assumed that you know how. ;-)

Another shorter but more "interesting" one is the Klausen Pass, with the direction direction towards Altdorf perhaps a bit more "interesting."


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Aug 13, 2015 - 6:27 PM in reply to caforman8188

Hi caforman8188,

To me, the following questions seem to be important:

1. do you like to drive in mountainous aereas, are you an experienced driver and do you feel safe driving in the mountains?

2. would you like to take the shortest and beautiful route between Lauterbrunnen and Lake Como?

3. are you interested in a, to me even more beautiful, drive that may take up to about six hours?

ad 1: If you are not fond of driving in the mountains, crossing passes with hairpins etc... traveling by train is unquestionably a very nice option and I say this from many years of experience.

ad 2: The shorter route: Lauterbrunnen - Innertkirchen (take Susten Pass) - Wassen - decide whether to take the Gotthardtunnel or the Gotthard Pass - Airolo - Bellinzona - Lugano - Lake Como.

This route is about a 3,5 hours drive over about 225 km. Especially during high season there's a chance of traffic jam before the Gotthardtunnel (!) and the Gotthard Pass is not too difficult, from my pont of view.

ad 3: If you, like I do, love to drive your car in the mountains and if you dont't mind a longer drive I suggest the following route: Lauterbrunnen - Interlaken - Spiez - Kandersteg (take car train to) Goppenstein - Brig - Simplonpass - Domodossola - the very beautiful Centovalli! - Locarno - Lugano - Lake Como.

This route is about a 5,5 hours drive over about 275 km. The Simplon Pass is quite easy and the route between Domodossola and Locarno is very nice!

I hope this helps you decide how to travel. Enjoy your stay!

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Aug 13, 2015 - 7:17 PM in reply to Wandermann


Thanks for those good descriptions of both routes, with driving times.

I never like the drive through the Gotthard Tunnel, but I put up with it when I have to. I just don't feell comfortable there, and the odors in the tunnel annoy me, even though it is well ventilated.

<<"Domodossola - the very beautiful Centovalli! -">>

A wonderful idea. Also good on the train!


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