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Interlaken area with 3-year-old and grandparents

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Jun 9, 2016 - 2:26 PM

Plan to visit intelaken area late June with 3 year old and grandparents for 3 days. Just thought of mountain height sickness issue. And wonder if our plan should be changed.

Was thinking to go for Jungfrau. But as of now, we might change it to:

Day 1 train from Lucerne to intelaken. Take boat tour. Stay in intelaken or any town uphill a little bit. Any recommend area? Maybe grindelwald?

Day 2 from there to take cable car to Männlichen, walk to KS. Would the walk possible/easy for 3 year old? Anything to worry about high mouton sickness? Won't go up to Jungfrau but possible to have good view? Anywhere to stay?

Day 3 maybe go to the trummelbach fall. Is it a good choice for the group member? Any town to stay?

THanks for any suggestions.


We just start planning a trip to visit switzerland in July. Will take train from Lucerne to Interlaken, and plan sTay in the area for 3 days. We are not going to hike or ski as with older people and small kid. We also are little bid worried about the mouthing height sickness. So we might want to stay in the lower altitude area for the first night. Maybe just in interlaken?

Day 1. Lucerne train to Interlaken. Say in Interlaken. Take a boat tour.

Q:We will buy train ticket while arriving switzerland. Or need to buy in advance?

Day 2 possible do a little mountain experience. Would like to see the view.

Heard Männlichen is better for small kid.

Q. Any recommend mountain for older people or small kid. Don't know if they would go up to Jungfrau, given the worry of high mountain sickness and one of the member also has little bit acrophobia.

Any town you could recommend for the second day stay?

Day 3.

Possible trummelbach fall? Or a town?

Q: Any recommend place for good view would be appreciated.

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Jun 9, 2016 - 11:37 PM


First, I have never heart of mountain heigh sickness on the Jungfrau........ It is not the Mont Everest !

White a child from 3 the walk from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg ist good to do.

Also to do whit a child of 3 is Grutsalp to Murren, Kleine Scheidegg to Wengernalp (Both white nice few on the mountains)

Interlaken or Grindelwald is a good place for you hotel. A the trips you can do from Grindelwald or Interlaken. Grindelwald to Interlaken is about 35 minutes by train.

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Jun 10, 2016 - 1:58 AM in reply to Maggiegt

Hi Maggie GT-

Welcome to my Swiss Alps. In late June most high trails are usually open, but could still be blocked by snow. Männnlichen to Kleine Scheidegg is still closed today.

Altitude sickness can indeed be an issue, especially at the height of Jungfraujoch, and more especially for a young child. Three years old might not be "young" in this context. Arno and Annika (the forum moderators) will have some comments on that. You might check with your child's doctor...Jungfraujoch is at 3454 meters above sea level...slightly over two miles high. Männlichen is at about 2230 meters.

www.myswissalps.com/hi king/maennlichen-kleinescheidegg

The M-KS trail is nicknamed the Grannies' Walk. It is easy. Whether a 3 year old could do it is difficult for me to say. Certainly, exertion at that high altitude can be more difficult due to "thin" air (low oxygen concentration) than it is a lower altitudes

For some pictures, check this link:

www.myswissalps.com/fo rum/topic/lucerneaccom modationitinerary

Scroll down 'til you sea a list of attached images...about May 19th...


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Jun 10, 2016 - 7:18 AM

Hi all,

Altitude sickness is something to be aware about. Few people will suffer from it at Jungfraujoch, but feeling slight discomfort is quite common: a bit dizzy/out of breath/etc. Just take it slow and drink enough, and it will be fine for almost anyone. If you feel sick, take the next train down. The issue with very young children is that they can't express how they feel. So the usual advise is to not visit places over 2500 m with children under 2 years old (see the Jungfraujoch page). A 3 year old should be able to let you know if it doesn't feel well, so you can act accordingly. You can ask your pediatrician to be sure.


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