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Jungfraujoch or Schilthorn (from Interlaken)?

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Nov 8, 2016 - 7:03 AM

Hi there

We are going to Switzerland in Feb next year and I am excited about it!

Originally we planend to go for Schilthorn because it is much cheaper and easier to get there but after reading reviews, it sounds like alot of people say that Jungfraujoch is a lifetime experience and should go even it is expensive & longer to get there so therefore I will reassess it again and would ask some questions before deciding which one to go for:

1) In your experience, what are the main difference between the 2? We want a spectacular view, and perhaps more activities and not just like see the observatory tower sort of thing, take photos and then off you go.

2) We will get the Swiss Pass, and if so, what is the actual cost that we need to pay all the way up including the admission?

3) We will be travelling from Lucerne to Interlaken early in the morning at 7am & arrive at Interlaken at around 9am. After that we will check in, drop baggage and then start the excursion around 9:30am.

I am not sure if is enough time since I heard they say it is going to be a long day trip (but worth it)?

4) I am aware you can travel to the mountain by 2 routes. jungfraujoch via lauterbrunnen or grindelwald. Which is better in terms of the scenery views? I mean as we are going in Feb, will the land be full of snow? Or there will still be some green land view?

5) How long from Interlaken all the way up to Jungfraujoch mountain if we start at 9:30am? We will arrive there by 12:30pm or?

6) How long stay in recommended stay up at the mountain before returning back?

7) On the way coming back to the mountain back to Interlaken hotel, is there any recommended stop to do?

8) Provided you did both, which one do you think is much better or worth going out of the 2 if we take off the consideration of the price, travelling time etc


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Nov 8, 2016 - 11:13 AM

Hi herotravel,

Let's start off with some reassurance. Both excursions are great, so if weather cooperates you won't have to regret either choice. As for your questions:

1) Both offer great views. Jungfraujoch provides more activities overall. Please read all info at myswissalps.com/jungfr aujoch and myswissalps.com/schilt horn to compare for yourself.

2) You're probably referring to the Swiss Travel Pass. Its coverage details can be found here (Schilthorn: 50% off, Jungfraujoch: free up to Grindelwald/Wengen, 25% discounted from there). Links to standard ticket prices can be found at myswissalps.com/schilt horn/tickets and myswissalps.com/jungfr aujoch/tickets.

3), 5), 6) Yes,if you start about 09.30 you'll have plenty of time. The timetable allows you to check all traveling times in detail. One generally spends about half a day up at the top. There should be plenty of snow on the mountain tops, but whether the valleys have snow as well can't be predicted yet.

4) Route options are described at myswissalps.com/jungfr aujoch/gettingthere. I personally prefer traveling up via Lauterbrunnen/Wengen and down via Grindelwald.

7) That depends on your route. You may want to explore Wengen or Grindelwald a bit. In case budget, weather, time and energy still allow, you could even visit yet another mountain top such as Männlichen or First.

8) That's hard to tell. It's really a very personal decision and opinions differ. I do think Jungfraujoch is a special experience, but that's just one view :-).

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Nov 9, 2016 - 1:43 AM in reply to Arno

We were lucky to do both this fall. If you have the pass the trip is free to either Murren or Wengen. You show you pass at the counter and they get you a ticket all the way to the top.

Both were fabulous. The view from Schilthorn is like a post card. All three mountains are across the valley. You can stop at Birg and enjoy a snack or lunch and stare at the mountains. The view from Jungfrau is different. All snow and glacier. You feel on top of the world. And there are hikes and sledding at the top. On the way down you can stop at Kleine Scheidegg and enjoy the view there. Closer to the mountains there.

Both are great and if the weather cooperates you won't be unhappy either way.



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