Thoughts about my 2-day Jungfrau Itinerary

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Jul 7, 2017 - 4:05 AM

Hey, guys.

How are you? Thanks again for the info you've provided me all along these past weeks. It's only a week now since I'll be visiting your country and I'm making the final touchs on what I will be doing on a perfect scenario of good weather. For some reason, I expect the Jungfrau Region to be the heart of this trip and eventhough I'll be visiting other places like Zermatt, Lake Geneva, Bern and Luzern I'm already regretting not being able to spend more time there. But, hey, it's always a good excuse for me to come back.

  • This is everything that I would love to do and I have, more or less, scheduled it this way. By the way, I'll be staying in Grindelwald. Since I'll be travelling alone I feared I would feel kind of lonely if I stayed in a smaller town like Lauterbrunnen or Mürren.

Jungfrau Region



08:00 am. Grindelwald Grund. First non-Good Morning ticket railway to Jungfraujoch with Swiss Travel Pass Discount (50% - 89 CF).

08:30 am: Kleine Scheidegg

9:10 am: Jungfraujoch


Kleine Scheidegg: Bike down all the way to Wengen through Männlichen (1:30 hs ride) ---> Is it worthy? If so, could I hire a bike in Kleine Scheidegg? I’ve learnt via email with Jungfrau railways that you can’t transport a bike up to K.S. until 4pm.


Wengen to Grindelwald by ½ hour duration railway.

Grindelwald - First: Railway to First (33 CF) along the bike. First Cliff.

Bachalpsee hike and back to Grindelwald (2 hour ride with bike, is it worthy to ride it or should I walk it?)



09:10 am Mürren. First non-Sunrise ticket to Schilthorn (41 CF) from Mürren (17 minute cable ride every 30 minutes).

9:30 am. Schilthorn.



Via Ferrata: 3 hour ride?



Paraglading: 90/120 minutes (15/20 to 40 on air), from Mürren, also First or Grütschalp.

Trümmelbachfälle: (11 CF, open until 6 pm). 11 minutes ride by bus and then again a 9 minute bus ride to Lauterbrunnen every ½ hour..


Does it sound viable to you? Do you have any suggestions or observations? I wouldn't mind to have a even earlier start if needed in order to take advantage of the most of the day and pay the Good morning tickets for the mountains. Now that I am at it, I spend so much time figuring out how would I get to the mountains that I've barely spend any thoughts on what can I do up there, I've learnt there are trails like the one along the Aletsch Glacier to Bettmeralp to Fiescheralp.

Thank you again.

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Jul 8, 2017 - 6:43 AM

Hi Gasdev,

Yes, you will certainly like the Jungfrau Region. I'd consider this an introduction. There's much more to come back for :-)

I think you're a bit optimistic of what you can achieve within day 1. I'd skip one of the three activities to fully enjoy it and also have time for a break and to look around. Just Jungfraujoch is a full day trip for some people, as there's quite a lot to see up there.

Note that Good Morning Tickets are either more expensive or equally priced as discounted tickets with your Swiss Travel Pass. Do you'd better use your pass and get tickets without any time restrictions. Discount on Jungfraujoch is 25%: swisstravelpass/ validity.

In winter there's equipment rental at Kleine Scheidegg and it can be returned in the valley. I don't know about summer and bikes. You can get in touch here: Also I don't know if mountain biking is allowed and viable on the route you suggested. These trails will be full of hikers if the weather is good. From Männlichen down to Wengen is extremely steep, even on foot, let alone on a bike. I would bike via Wengernalp, if it is allowed there. Whether biking is allowed to the Bachalpsee I'm not sure either, but I don't think it is. Again there will be lots of hikers on the trail.

Bettmeralp is on the other side of the Aletsch glacier so you can't include it in these two days, but there are plenty of other trails: auregion/activities.

Have fun!

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Jul 8, 2017 - 3:37 PM

Arno, I am definitely optimistic, lol. I definitely think of this as an introductory visit that will rise fondness to the place if anything else. But, at the same time, since it's pretty unlinkely for me to be able to come back soon I just want to not waste any of my seconds there. I'll skip the Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen/Wengen hike, then, and probably the visit to the Falls from the second day as well and focus on the rest. Maybe save it as a plan B.

Removing that, there's no need to even consider the Good Morning ticket. Now that I think of it, that division is probably a good help descentralizing the ammount of people going up there, instead of having every one of us attempt to do so 7 am, collapsing the place and leaving it empty by midday.

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Jul 8, 2017 - 5:34 PM

Hi Gasdev,

Good that you're skipping some activities. I understand that you want to make the most out of your short visit, but I'm afraid that the scheme you presented above just wouldn't be doable. Having the time to actually enjoy your activities, soak up the views and sit and relax for a while is very worthwile.

Paragliding requires careful planning. It can take quite a while, as you'll have to travel up to your starting point first, receive instructions, in some cases wait for favourable winds, etcetera. So if this is high on your list, make sure you're there well in time and that you don't have other activities planned after your paragliding flight.

Yes, such Good Morning Tickets helps to divide the amount of travelers as the day passes. Actually, the vast majority of visitors shows up in course of the morning, causing peaks in the late morning and early afternoon. So early birds are rewarded with lower fares.

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