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How to travel from Wasserauen to Innsbruck?

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Jun 5, 2016 - 2:04 AM

Hello Arno, Anna, Slowpoke, et. al!

I've spent the past several months researching our trip in July and I thought I had it all nailed down. Part of our journey will take us from Switzerland to Austria, then back into Switzerland. My question for this post is this - what's the best way to get from Wasserauen Station to Innsbruck? When I search on SBB, I get this, as an example:

Local area map: Wasserauen, Station Wasserauen, Station dep 09:15

KB 193

Minibus 193 1062

Direction: Weissbad, Bahnhof


Reservation 0848 55 30 60

Local area map: Weissbad, Bahnhof Weissbad, Bahnhof arr 09:20

Local area map: Weissbad, Bahnhof Weissbad, Bahnhof


1 min., Y

Local area map: Weissbad Weissbad

Local area map: Weissbad Weissbad dep 09:23

S 23

Urban train 23 1092

Direction: Gossau SG

Local area map: Gossau SG Gossau SG arr 10:07 11

Local area map: Gossau SG Gossau SG dep 10:10 3


EuroCity 193

Direction: München Hbf


Local area map: Bregenz Bregenz arr 10:53 3AB

Local area map: Bregenz Bregenz dep 11:40 4AB


Railjet 565

Direction: Wien Flughafen


Local area map: Innsbruck Hbf Innsbruck Hbf arr 14:11 7

The first part of this itinerary is what appears to be a small bus to Weissbad that requires a reservation in advance and is "subject to surcharges." When I looked this city pair up a few months back, I was to take the train (not a bus) from Wasserauen to Herisau, then from Herisau to Innsbruck. I checked the OBB site and somehow that itinerary is now not available (not sure how that happened!). Anyway, I'm pretty confused as to what I should do to make the easiest trip from Wasserauen to Innsbruck. I realize you may not advise on travel outside of Switzerland, but any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!


John from California (not too far from Kim!)

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Jun 5, 2016 - 8:50 AM

Hello John,

First: On what day you want travel from Wasserauen to Innsbruck ? There are so many trains from Wasserauen to Innsbruck.

In the Netherlands we look on this site: hafas.bene-system.com/bin/query.e xe/n?L=ns_hispeed&ld=atr

Greetings from the Netherlands, Brahms

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Jun 5, 2016 - 1:40 PM in reply to Brahms

Hello Brahms!

We would be traveling on July 21.



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Jun 5, 2016 - 3:39 PM


09:18 Wasserauen S 23 - S-Bahn to: Gossau SG

10:07 Gossau SG 11


10:10 Gossau SG 3 EC 193 - Eurocity

10:53 Bregenz 3AB


11:40 Bregenz 4AB RJ 565 - railjet

14:11 Innsbruck Hbf 7

Reistijd / traveltime 4:53

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Jun 6, 2016 - 12:37 AM in reply to jwmccann

Hi John,

The reason you got the routing with the minibus is probably because you used "Wasserauen, Station" as your starting point. That is actually the name of the bus stop at Wasserauen station, so the timetable assumes you have chosen to travel by bus for the first leg of your trip.

If you just use "Wasserauen" as your starting point, you will get the same connection found by Brahms.

So when you are searching for connections, especially from smaller stations, usually it is best just to use the name of the station alone as your starting point if you are wanting to take the train.

Happy travels!


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Jun 7, 2016 - 1:00 AM in reply to jwmccann

Hi John-

As implied in the other posts, the Swiss Rail (SBB) timetable can be used for travel to Austria from Switzerland.

I suspect that you have figured out the details of bus and train travel by now?

Further, for travel in most of Europe, I find that the German rail timetable works well in all countries I have tried...often better than the timetable of the individual countries.

www.bahn.de/p/view/ind ex.shtml



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