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Basel city walk route details

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How to get there & route details

How to travel to Basel, and walking route details.

How to get there and back

The city of Basel can be easily reached by train. This walking tour starts and ends at the main train station Basel SBB. Be sure to look into passes that may come in handy for this day trip and your other activities in Switzerland. We don't recommended coming to Basel by car for this walk.

Section 1: from the train station via the Spalentor to the Münster Cathedral

You can find the route on the map on this page. We offer detailed street by street directions as well:

  • Exit the train station from the north (town center) exit and immediately turn left into the Centralbahnstrasse. Follow the street until you see the Markthalle (Market Hall) on your right.
  • Cross the street and enter the hall to watch (or eat) many kinds of food. Exit the hall in the back and turn left into Steinentorberg.
  • Turn right under the viaduct into the Steinentorstrasse. Turn right when the street splits 100 m after the viaduct.
  • Turn left into Elisabethenstrasse to reach the 19th century Elisabethenkirche (Church of St. Elizabeth) on your left.
  • Proceed until you can turn left into Steinenberg, about 100 m after passing the church. After 100 m you'll see the Tinguely fountain on the left.
  • After the fountain, just proceed on the street called Steinenberg. Turn right when you reach the square (Barfüsserplatz).
  • A bit further on, turn left into the Lohnhofgässlein (a small alley with steps going up). Keep following the steps up on your left, until you reach Leonhardskirche (Church of Saint Leonard).
  • Continue on and walk down the hill, then turn right into Heuberg, a residential street with wonderful facades.
  • Keep following this street, cross the street Petersgraben, and continue straight on into Spalenvorstadt. At the end of the street you've reached Spalentor, the city gate.
  • Turn right into Spalengraben, then cross the Petersplatz (a small park) on your right.
  • On the other side of the Petersplatz, pass the Peterskirche (St. Peter's Church) on its right.
  • Then walk down the Totengässlein (Alley of the Dead). Once down, cross the street into Stadthausgasse, then turn right onto the Marktplatz.
  • There are various pretty buildings on the Marktplatz (Market square). The one that stands out is the red Rathaus (City Hall).
  • Pass the City Hall and walk into the Freie Strasse. After 100 m, turn left into Schlüsselberg, then turn right, then turn left until you reach the Münsterplatz: the square of the Münster Cathedral.
  • Apart from a visit to the cathedral, don't forget the viewing point Pfalz just behind the cathedral.

Section 2: from the Münster Cathedral via the river Rhine to the train station

  • Now go back to where you came from, but continue straight on into the Augustinerstrasse, another street with wonderful facades.
  • At the end of the street, turn right to cross the Mittlere Brücke (Middle Bridge). The original bridge dates back to 1226, but it was replaced in 1905 to allows trams to cross it.
  • At the other end, take the stairs down on the right and walk along the Rhine for about 1 km.
  • Board the St. Alban-Fähre to cross the river: a little cable ferry that takes you to the district St. Alban.
  • On the other side of the river, turn left, then turn right just before the old city wall.
  • Walk along the wall, then cross the brooklet and turn right. Walk up via St. Alban-Berg. You'll find the St. Alban-Tor (St. Alban Gate) on your left.
  • Now don't follow the wider road St. Alban-Vorstadt, but the small street St. Alban-Kirchrain to your right.
  • Keep walking straight ahead and pass the St. Alban-Kirche (St. Alban's Church) on its left. Then cross Mühlenberg and keep following the path down.
  • You're now back at the river on St. Alban-Rheinweg. Turn left and follow the road until before the bridge, where you can take the stairs on your left up to the street St. Alban-Graben.
  • Turn left to follow St. Alban-Graben and then take the second street left (Dufourstrasse).
  • Keep walking straight on until you reach the square Aeschenplatz, with the Hammering Man monument on the opposite side.
  • Turn right to follow Aeschengraben. You'll pass a small park on your right. Then cross the street to reach the train station to end your walk.


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