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Route details Bauen - Seelisberg

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How to get there and navigation details

How to travel to Bauen, and how to find your way to Seelisberg.

How to reach Bauen

Bauen can best be reached by boat. Boats depart from several towns, such as Lucerne, Brunnen and Flüelen. More about the boats on Lake Lucerne can be found here.

How to travel back from Seelisberg

You can take a bus to Stans, or take the funicular down to Treib and continue by boat from there.


The route starts at the boat dock in Bauen. Follow the signs to Seelisberg Oberdorf. About halfway the route, you will be walking on a paved road. Follow this road until you can turn right to the viewing point Marienhöhe. After that, follow the signs to Seelisberg Chilendorf. Once in Seelisberg, the route ends at the Bahnhofplatz.


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