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How to reach the Madonna del Sasso

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How to travel to the Madonna del Sasso

You'll reach the Madonna del Sasso by taking the funicular from Locarno, or via a scenic walking path. We recommend to walk up and take the funicular down if possible.

How to reach Locarno

Locarno is best reached by train. The train station is very close to the base of the sacred mountain.

Option 1: walking

We recommend to reach Madonna del Sasso on foot for the best experience. You can take the funicular back down, or walk again.

See the map on this page for route details. Here's a step by step description:

  • From the train station, go left into the Via della Stazione.
  • Turn right into the Via alla Ramogna, then turn right into the Via delle Monache up the hill.
  • At the end of the road, turn left into the Via Cappuccini, then turn right into the Via al Sasso after 50 m.
  • Keep walking up the mountain until you reach the first church. This is where the Via Crucis (Path of the Cross) begins.
  • Keep walking until the path splits. We recommend the left path, which passes various little chapels. The right path is wonderful too, but there are no chapels there.
  • The path eventually leads to the Madonna del Sasso church.

The 1.4-km walk from the train station to the church takes about 45 minutes. It is not difficult, but moderately steep. You will ascend about 180 m.

Option 2: taking the funicular

From the train station, go left into the Via della Stazione. After 150 m you'll see the funicular station on your right, after crossing the canal. Take the funicular up to Orselina Madonne del Sasso. You can also proceed to the top station Orselina Funicolare, and walk a bit down from there.

Dates of operation of the funicular

The funicular operates all year round.

Tip: check the timetable before you start your trip.


Parking options near the Madonna del Sasso in Orselina above Locarno are limited. We recommend to park in Locarno if you come by car. Then reach the church as explained above. This allows allows you to see the rest of the sacred mountain, rather than the upper part only.


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