Rent an apartment, home or chalet in Switzerland

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Zermatt Matterhorn

Zermatt and the nearby Matterhorn.

Apartments, holiday homes and chalets

Self catering can be a cheaper alternative to a hotel. You'll be more flexible without fixed times for breakfast and dinner. Also there's more space than in a hotel room. Renting an apartment, home or chalet is very common in Switzerland.

The number of available properties varies by location. Some places primarily offer hotels, while others have a huge amount of rental apartments as well. Booking early is recommended, especially for towns with a limited number of rentals.

Practical must knows

  • The standard renting period is Saturday to Saturday. But, more and more properties offer more flexibility. Sometimes it's possible to rent by the day, but often a minimum of 3 or more nights applies. Keep that in mind while searching for properties. Searching for short stays may yield less results.
  • Catering is not included, although there are exceptions to this rule. This is where you save most, as you can cook your own meals instead of going out for dinner.
  • You are expected to do your own laundry. In apartment buildings, there often is a shared washing machine in the basement. In order to use the machine, it is common to register for the date and time you wish to use it. Instructions are in the apartment.
  • You're expected to separate waste, more so than in a hotel. This helps to save energy and protect the Alps.
  • You'll be charged for a final cleaning, so short stays are relatively more expensive.

Find and book

The below websites allow you to search for accommodation in Switzerland: find apartments and chalets; thousands of apartments and chalets.

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