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How to transport your luggage on Swiss rail

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Taking luggage on the trains

If you can carry your bags in one go, then you can take along your luggage yourself. You can put your luggage in the designated space over the seats, between the backrests, or at the end of the coach. Keep an eye on your luggage at all times. Theft is not common but does occur, mostly at larger crowded stations.

If you have more luggage than you can carry, or if you want to travel more comfortably, then the luggage service might be useful.

Storing luggage at the station

All larger rail stations have lockers you can rent for 24 hours. Many of them also have a staffed left luggage office where you can store your luggage for any amount of time.

Bike transportation

You can take along your bike in most trains. In some trains it's not possible. Some trains require a reservation. The timetable shows whether these exceptions apply. You need to buy a bike ticket or a bike day pass.

Some types of bikes can be transported for free as hand luggage. Examples are packed folding bikes and bikes for children under 6 years old.

Luggage services

There are various luggage services. Below is an overview of the options. Note that you need to present a valid train ticket or pass when handing in your luggage.

Traveling within Switzerland

You can ship luggage from train station to train station within Switzerland. This is available for many, but not all train stations. The price is CHF 12 per item, with a limit of 25 kg per item. In most cases you can hand in your luggage before 7 PM and collect it two days later from 9 AM. Timesframes may very per rail station. Ordering in advance is not required.

Other options:

  • Station to door: shipping from a train station to any address in Switzerland or vice versa is possible as well. An additional fee applies. Ordering in advance is not required.
  • Door to door: a luggage service from address to address within Switzerland, with an optional express service for same day delivery. This service needs to be ordered two days in advance at the latest.
  • There are also luggage services from Germany and Austria to Switzerland and vice versa.

Please see the SBB link on this page for further details.

Arrival by plane

Items up to 32 kg can be checked in at any airport in the world and collected from most train stations in Switzerland. Delivery to any address in Switzerland is possible as well. You must arrive at Zurich airport to use this service.

Alternatively you can collect your luggage as normal upon arrival, and ship it as explained under "Traveling within Switzerland".

Please see the SBB link on this page for further details.

Departure by plane

Items up to 32 kg can be shipped from selected train stations or any address in Switzerland for next or same day delivery at Zürich airport. You'll need to check in your luggage as normal.

Delivery from any address in Switzerland directly to a foreign airport is possible for flights operated by Swiss and Edelweiss.

Please see the SBB link on this page for further details.

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