Internet and WiFi in Swiss trains

Internet in Swiss trains

The trains are equipped with mobile signal amplifiers. Any phone with internet access can use this improved signal.

You can configure your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot. That allows WiFi-enabled equipment such as a laptop or a tablet to access the internet. Buy an appropriate SIM card or wifi hotspot to save money.

Alternatively, SBB FreeSurf is available on long-distance trains. You need the SBB FreeSurf app and a Sunrise SIM card to use it. Trains with FreeSurf are marked with ‘FS’ in the timetable.

WiFi in international trains

Most trains from Switzerland to Milan (Italy) and some from Zurich to Munich (Germany) have free on-board WiFi. The network is called “SBB-FREE”. It also offers access to SBB Onboard: an entertainment portal with news, films, games, and more. This only works if you’re connected to SBB-FREE.

On-board WiFi works similarly to WiFi at the station but without a time limit.

Free WiFi on Swiss rail stations

About 80 rail stations, including the ones in all larger towns, offer free WiFi. This is how it works:

  1. Connect your phone to the network “SBB-FREE”.
  2. Open your browser and go to any website.
  3. You’ll be redirected to a registration page.
  4. Register. You’ll receive an SMS with a registration code that needs to be entered. So, be sure that you have a phone with a SIM card that is able to receive the SMS.
  5. Enjoy internet access for 1 hour. You can start using free wifi again after a 2-hour break.

WiFi on buses, boats, and other public transport

Internet in Swiss Postbuses

Many Swiss Postbuses offer free WiFi. All you need is a one-time registration via SMS. You can arrange for this while you’re on the bus.

Internet in other buses and other travel modes

Mobile internet is available in nearly all inhabited areas. So you can use regular network providers during most of your trips by bus, boat, and mountain transport.

Don’t expect internet to be available in remote areas. If internet connectivity is important to you, be sure to arrange for a Swiss SIM card or mobile hotspot to have the best possible coverage.

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