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7-day Swiss weather forecast, plus important interpretation tips

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Switzerland weather forecast

Current weather and forecast for any town: https://meteo.search.ch

Understanding the weather forecast for Switzerland

The first thing you need to know is that forecasts for more than 5 days in advance are useless. The weather in the Alps changes quickly and is unpredictable in the long term, and often even in the short term.

The forecasts are somewhat reliable for 2 to 3 days ahead of time. The forecasts of the prior evening and the same morning are 75% to 100% accurate, according to our experience.

Regardless of the predictions, the weather may change really quickly and dramatic differences between one valley and the next are no exception.

What if the forecast predicts days of continuous rain?

The forecast may show rain every day. That doesn't necessarily mean that it will rain all day long. Often, 90% of the day will just be cloudy or even sunny, and 10% of the time will be rainy. You can spend many hours outdoors on such days.

The key is to be flexible. Don't have a fixed itinerary but adjust your plans to the weather, or at least have a backup plan. You can do something else or go to a different region for a day if the forecasts show better weather there.

The above is what often happens if rain is predicted. Relentless rain for days in a row is less likely, but not impossible. In that case you can visit a town, a museum or enjoy a train ride. There is still plenty to do and see.

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