Geneva airport hotels with free shuttle bus included

The best Geneva airport hotels

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Must knows about Geneva airport hotels

  • Geneva airport is very close to Geneva and close to the French border. You can book a hotel on either side of the border, but one in Geneva is most convenient if you continue traveling into Switzerland;
  • A free shuttle bus transfer to/from the airport is offered by many of the hotels listed here;
  • The lowest available rate is guaranteed for most hotels;
  • Most hotels allow free cancellation;
  • Public transport to your hotel is free with your Swiss rail pass;
  • Your hotel in Geneva will issue a Geneva Transport Card for free public transport in Geneva.

The railway station of Geneva, which is less than 10 minutes by train from the airport.

No time lost, no stress

The hotels below have been selected because they're the most convenient ones if you arrive late or depart early. They are specialized in catering to air travelers and quick and easy to access from the airport.

Hotel locations

Most hotels are located very close to the airport, or at walking distance from the Geneva main rail station. The train ride to the airport only takes a few minutes.


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Geneva, Eastwest Hôtel

Luxurious hotel on a convenient location in between the rail station and Lake Geneva.

Details & rates

Geneva, Hotel d'Allèves

Hotel in a beautifully renovated 18th century building near the lake and the rail station.

Details & rates

Geneva, Crowne Plaza

Hotel near the airport with two restaurants, a terrace and a garden.

Details & rates

Geneva, Ibis Genève Aéroport

Popular affordable hotel very close to the airport.

Details & rates

Geneva, Mövenpick Hotel & Casino

Luxurious hotel just opposite of Geneva Airport. There are many facilities including a fitness room overlooking the airport, a Japanese restaurant, a restaurant with international and Swiss dishes, and a self service restaurant.

Details & rates

Geneva, Starling Hotel Geneva

Huge comfortable hotel right next to Geneva airport. It has a wellness area, fitness area and a restaurant.

Details & rates

Thoiry, Business Park Hotel

Highly recommended environmentally friendly hotel in the French countryside just across the Swiss border.

Details & rates
  • Budget tip!
  • 3-star hotel
  • Location: rural
  • Geneva airport: 15 minutes (free hotel shuttle bus)
    Rail station Geneva Airport: 15 minutes (free hotel shuttle bus)
  • Best price guarantee
  • Details & booking:
  • More ways to book:

Chavannes-de-Bogis, Hôtel Best Western

Comfortable hotel in the countryside outside Geneva.

Details & rates
  • 3-star hotel
  • Location: town, rural
  • Geneva airport: 14 minutes (free hotel shuttle bus on demand)
    Rail station Geneva Airport: 14 minutes (free hotel shuttle bus)
  • Best price guarantee
  • Details & booking:
  • More ways to book:

Geneva, Best Western Hotel Strasbourg

Ideal location: a few minutes on foot from the rail station. Convenient for train and plane travelers.

Details & rates

Geneva, Holiday Inn Express Geneva Airport

Very popular hotel right next to the airport of Geneva.

Details & rates


About Geneva airport, and how to reach the airport from the main rail station and town center.



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