graubündenPASS - prices and points of sale

graubündenPASS prices and resellers

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graubündenPASS prices and resellers

Below you'll find prices and points of sale for the graubündenPASS. The pass is a physical document. It can not be downloaded or printed at home.



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Purchase option 1: Online via Happyrail (BEST BUY)

€ 103.00 p.p. (no additional charges) (7-day graubündenPASS 2nd class)

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  • No shipping fee
  • Happyrail offers print at home tickets for travelers with or without a Swiss Half Fare Card
  • Fast helpdesk to answer questions
  • Extended support: MySwissAlps can answer most questions about your order as well

Purchase option 2: Online via Swiss Railways

CHF 113.00 (€ 105.33) p.p. (7-day graubündenPASS 2nd class)

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  • Delivery options: print at home for Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Half Fare Card, Swiss Transfer Ticket (through e-mail within 3 working days). Pick "Online Ticket" when asked for delivery information. Alternatives: shipping to your home address or hotel in Europe, collection at a Swiss airport
  • Official webshop of the Swiss Railways (SBB)
  • Extended support: MySwissAlps can answer most questions regarding your order as well
  • No waiting time upon arrival: you can validate your pass yourself and immediately start traveling
  • Payment in Swiss francs (CHF), EUR, USD or GBP
    See all prices in CHF, EUR, GBP or USD
  • Junior travelcard: can't be purchased separately, only when combined with selected regional passes.

CHF 113.00 (€ 105.33) p.p. (7-day graubündenPASS 2nd class)

  • Purchase only possible at staffed stations in the concerning region during opening hours. In some cases it's also possible at larger bus stations, ship docks and at the rail stations of airports. For details, refer to the railway company operating in the region.
  • There may be queues at busier times.
  • Prices are equal to those in the Swiss Railways webshop (if they sell this particular product)
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  • Payment in Swiss francs (the exact amount you spend depends on the exchange rate of the day and fees your bank may charge).
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