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Where to buy your rail pass or ticket

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Zurich airport train station

Zurich airport train station.

Buying online saves time

Buying online saves time, and it often saves money too. Buying online allows you to board your first train straight away, rather than spending time at a ticket office (exceptions apply in rare cases if passes require validation by a railway official). This is especially useful if you arrive in Switzerland by train or plane.

Prices vary per retailer, and also by exchange rates and promotions that may be available. To do a quick check on pass prices, go to our page about that pass (start here). Then click 'Price'. For example: www.myswissalps.com/ swisstravelpass/price. To quickly check ticket prices, please see www.myswissalps.com/timetable.

For more tips, please keep reading.

Rail pass & ticket availability

Rail passes and tickets can be purchased from various websites. Nearly all passes and tickets are available online. Most, but not all, can be purchased at staffed rail stations.

If you plan to buy at a rail station, be sure to check the opening hours of the service desk. Take into account that there might be a queue, especially at rail stations of airports and popular towns. Obviously this varies a lot by date, time and location. Also note that in most cases all travelers and their passports must be present when buying passes in Switzerland.

Rail pass and ticket prices

Swiss rail passes are priced in Swiss francs when you buy them locally or online through the web shop of the Swiss railways. These are the "official" prices. There are various retailers who offer passes as well. Their prices may either be lower or higher than the prices in Switzerland. These retailers often sell to travelers from specific countries, have a help desk in the local language and offer local payment methods and payment in the local currency. That's convenient and can save you money (less banking fees). Retailer prices vary by exchange rates and whether or not they offer additional discounts. All of our rail pass pages have a section listing promotions, so you can quickly check what's available.

Most of the above applies to point to point tickets as well. However, there are a few tickets that vary in price. They are cheaper if purchased well in advance.


Many rail passes and nearly all tickets can be printed at home, so there's no shipping fee and delivery is quick or almost instantaneously. In some cases passes are physical documents that need to be shipped to you. However, this does not necessarily mean that you pay for shipping. Shipping is often free, or free from a minimum order amount. Even if shipping is not free, ordering online can still be cheaper than buying in Switzerland. It's important to take the total price into consideration when comparing purchase options.

Print your pass or ticket at home

Quite some passes (and tickets) can be printed at home. That means that you don't have to wait for a shipment, nor do you have to visit a staffed ticket office once in Switzerland. You can immediately board your first train. The PDF-document is an excellent backup: you can print your pass again if you damage or lose it. If you buy a paper pass at a train station you will not get a new pass in such cases.

Quickly find your best buy

To make it easier to pick your best point of sale, we have listed the purchase options in the 'Price' section of each pass/ticket page, e.g. at www.myswissalps.com/ swisstravelpass/price (all passes can be found here). The retailers displayed there sell to your country of residence. Your country should be selected automatically, but you can change it if necessary.

We mark the lowest online price as 'best buy'. We show one price for each pass (e.g. the 3-day Swiss Travel Pass price, while there are also 4, 8 and 15-day versions). If applicable and possible, we also take promotions into account. Of course we only show trusted retailers.

What else to consider

While our 'best buy' label helps to make your choice, there's more to consider:

  • Shipping fees. If there is a shipping fee, it may be waived from a certain order amount.
  • Booking fees. Some retailers charge a fee per booking, per pass or per traveler.
  • Banking fees. If you choose a retailer using a currency different from the one in your country, your bank may charge a fee. The final amount spent depends on the exchange rate of the day. This also applies if you buy your pass in Switzerland: even if you pick your own currency at the payment terminal, the exchange rate will not be in your favor. Note: Paypal is a bank as well, and a very expensive one in many cases. We recommend to avoid Paypal if possible.
  • Pass versions. If you intend to purchase a different pass version (e.g. an 8-day pass instead of the 3-day pass we display), simply click through to the website of the retailer to find the price of that version. A more expensive pass may result in free shipping (if shipping is even required) and more savings if there is a promotion.

Where to buy point to point tickets

Point to point tickets for traveling in Switzerland can be purchased online (standard tickets and cheaper ones if purchased well in advance), or at rail stations (only standard tickets). There are staffed service desks at the larger stations and ticketing machines at all stations. Regular tickets do not sell out, except, on very rare occasions, for mountain trains on very popular days. Seat reservations, which are only required for a few trains, do sell out. You are advised to arrange for them online.

Tickets for trains to and from other countries may sell out if they require seat reservations, which is often the case.

Save money by planning carefully

You may need multiple tickets and/or passes. We recommend to first complete your itinerary. Then pick a pass and buy all tickets, passes and seat reservations (if any) at once.

For example, you may have planned to travel from Paris to Zurich by train, so you buy the ticket online. However, if you later decide that you need a rail pass for your further travels in Switzerland, you could have saved money as part of the Paris to Zurich trip is covered by the pass. Also, buying the ticket and pass at once, from a single website, might be cheaper than two separate orders.


Your country of residenceWrong country? Correct it in your account.
Rail product Sort order
Best buy Promotion

Purchase option 1: Online via Official SBB online shop (BEST BUY)


CHF 232.00 (€ 216.95) p.p. (no additional charges) (3-day Swiss Travel Pass 2nd class)

All prices
  • PROMOTION: Jungfraujoch Promotion (valid through December 31, 2020)
    Buy a Swiss Travel Pass and a Jungfraujoch ticket, and you'll get a free seat reservation to Jungfraujoch for each traveler, plus a Swiss Coupon Pass for discounts throughout Switzerland.
  • Instant delivery: pick "Print@home" as the delivery option to receive your order through e-mail within 5 minutes
  • Official web shop of the Swiss Railways (SBB), operated by Switzerland Travel Centre (STC)
  • Free cancellation until 4 business days before travel
  • Help desk for your questions
  • Extended support: MySwissAlps can answer most questions regarding your order as well
  • Payment in Swiss francs (CHF), EUR, GBP or USD
    See all prices in CHF, EUR, GBP or USD

Purchase option 2: Online via Railtour


CHF 232.00 (€ 216.95) p.p. (3-day Swiss Travel Pass 2nd class)

All prices
  • E-mail delivery available for the Swiss Travel Pass, Swiss Travel Pass Flex and Swiss Half Fare Card. Delivery within half a day on business days.
  • Helpdesk through e-mail and phone
  • The Swiss Family Card will be provided free of charge if requested in the Remarks box while ordering
  • Extended support: MySwissAlps can answer most questions regarding your order as well

Purchase option 3: Online via Klook Worldwide


CHF 232.00 (€ 216.95) p.p. (3-day Swiss Travel Pass 2nd class)

All prices
  • Best price guarantee
  • Delivery: electronic delivery of products and vouchers
  • Payment by credit card or Paypal
  • Helpdesk to answer questions
  • Extended support: MySwissAlps can answer most questions about your order as well
  • No shipping costs.
  • You'll immediately receive a printable voucher. You can exchange this for your rail pass at any staffed Swiss rail station.
  • Delivery options: e-mail (not available for all products) and physical delivery
  • Extended support: MySwissAlps can answer most questions regarding your order as well
  • Rail Protection Plan to cover loss or theft of your passes/tickets
  • Payment in EUR, GBP or USD
  • Delivery via e-mail of the Swiss Travel Pass and Swiss Travel Pass Flex
  • Free shipping if you live in Canada or the USA and purchase the Rail Safeguard Plan Plus, which offers reimbursement on lost or stolen passes
  • Helpdesk to answer questions
  • Extended support: MySwissAlps can answer most questions regarding your order as well
  • Seat reservations for pass holders available
  • Pass validation: at any staffed Swiss rail station or by rail staff of trains bound for Switzerland
  • PROMOTION: Swiss Travel Pass group discount
  • Print at home available for the Swiss Travel Pass. Delivery within 1 to 2 business days.
  • Helpdesk through e-mail and phone
  • Extended support: MySwissAlps can answer most questions regarding your order as well
  • We do not sell passes, but we can offer a discount for groups of 10 or more if you buy through one of our partners. Please see here.

CHF 232.00 (€ 216.95) p.p. (3-day Swiss Travel Pass 2nd class)

  • Passes: on the spot purchase is only possible at staffed stations during opening hours. Domestic tickets: also available via ticketing machines. For details, refer to the railway company servicing the station of choice.
  • There may be queues at busier times, particularly in popular towns and airport train stations
  • Pass prices are equal to those in the official SBB ticketshop (if they sell this particular product).
  • Payment in Swiss francs. Payment in other currencies is often possible, but usually a high exchange rate applies. Cash payments only in Swiss francs and sometimes EUR.
  • Extended support: not available
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