About MySwissAlps.com

About MySwissAlps.com

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Really appreciated your precise information. This is the best online service I have used so far.

Must knows about Arno and Annika

  • We are true Switzerland enthusiasts;
  • We have many years of experience visiting the Swiss Alps;
  • We are independent. We do not own accommodation or a travel agency, nor are we owned by any other company.

Arno hiking near Murtèl, the mid station of the cable car to Mount Corvatsch.

How it started

We created this website to help people prepare for their holidays to Switzerland. It was a natural thing for us to do, because we had both fallen in love with the country. Annika had spent many summers in Switzerland since early childhood. Arno has always been a train enthusiast, and couldn't stop visiting Switzerland after his first Swiss train trip in 1997. It felt like a waste not to share what we had learned during our visits.

Arno's technical skills allowed him to build the website. Annika is a teacher of Classics and enjoyed writing the articles. MySwissAlps.com was launched on May 10, 2002.

Our goal

Our goal is to help people by sharing what we know. Most content on MySwissAlps.com is from our own experience. We also added information about popular activities and locations we did not visit ourselves (yet). We offer a lively forum, where you can ask for help and share tips.

We like train traveling

Switzerland prides itself for its excellent rail network. Traveling by train is very pleasant, spectacular even. It's safe, and it helps to protect the Alps from global warming. We use Swiss rail a lot, and we like it a lot.

We're rail pass experts

We have used many rail passes ourselves. Train traveling and rail passes may seem overwhelming at first glance. That's why we list all rail passes that matter, and explain how they work. Our step by step plan helps you to choose the right pass. For each pass, all relevant points of sale are mentioned. We pay a lot of attention to discounts and promotions. The rail forum is where we provide help if any questions remain.

We like hiking

Switzerland's natural beauty can best be explored on foot. Numerous well marked trails across the Alps are just waiting to be discovered. We enjoy it a lot, so we've walked quite some kilometers by now. MySwissAlps lists many trails for you to choose from.

Our team

  • Annika: content manager and moderator
  • Arno: founder, programmer and moderator
  • Lucas: moderator

Community & partners

Our team can't do it all alone. The forum community helps by answering questions. Our partners provide the things you need for your holidays: accommodation, rail passes and more. We carefully selected our partners because they are trustworthy, knowledgeable and customer friendly. If you see us refer to them on our website, you can be sure they're the right party to turn to. We also need them to earn income if any of our referrals places an order. This allows us to maintain and expand MySwissAlps. We do not sell anything ourselves.


Feel free to contact us for any questions or comments you may have!



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