Aletsch-gletscher at bettmeralp and Bettmerhorn

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    27 April 2012 at 20:40:51 #805171

    Hi all,

    I couldn’t understand the cable car timetable at
    I can’t find the station Bettmerhorn from the time table. Is Bettmerhorn closed in May?
    Is it possible to view Grossor Aletsch-gletscher at bettmeralp?
    Is it possible to go to Betteralp from May 19 to May 22?

    I have a large luggage and couldn’t take it in a cable car. Could I put it in the rail station of Birg or Betten?
    If yes, what cost will be?


  • Arno
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    28 April 2012 at 12:18:52 #835801

    Hi Teta,

    May is in between the winter and summer season. Many cable cars will be out of service because of maintenance or just because of a lack of travelers. The direct cable car from Betten to Bettmeralp will be out of service for this reason as well. But there’s another cable car that requires you to switch half way in Betten Dorf.

    The Bettmerhorn can not be reached in May. It will open again in June. The smaller chair lifts to Moosfluh and Hohfluh (glacier view) will not open until June and July either. You can’t see the glacier from Bettmeralp. You may get to a viewing point on foot, but chances are that the trails are inaccessible because they may still be covered in snow.

    Brig station has lockers and a luggage department.

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