Bernina Express route Lugano to Chur?

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    2 February 2016 at 3:26:26 #808354

    Hi. We are hoping to take the Bernina Express in June, starting via the bus to Tirano from Lugano, ending in Chur. I can only find information about North to South, originating in Chur. What am I doing wrong! Thanks for your help.

  • Arno
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    2 February 2016 at 6:42:44 #848094

    Welcome to MySwissAlps ljportz!

    The bus from Lugano departs 10h00. You’ll eventually arrive in Chur at 18h20. All options in all directions are in the timetable.

    Enjoy the ride!

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    11 February 2016 at 16:41:10 #848095


    We also want to ride Bernina Express, except in opposite direction [Chur-Tirano-Lugano], estimate 20 April 2016, and wondering…. since the Tirano-Lugano bus leg is showing on’s schedule I assume the bus is actually scheduled to operate that early in the spring season: what if the bus is cancelled at the last minute due to poor weather/road conditions? Since we need a reservation on the bus will we be automatically re-booked on an unreserved train to continue our same-day journey to Lugano? We planned to overnight in Lugano and the following day continue our rail trip heading northbound.

    Thank You

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    11 February 2016 at 17:12:49 #848096

    Welcome to MySwissAlps!

    The bus operates from March 25. It does not cross any mountain roads, so cancellation is quite unlikely but not impossible. There is no train on that route, so if you can’t take the bus you would take a train via Milan/Monza. I don’t think you will be re-booked automatically; it needs to be arranged for at the station in Tirano. But all of this is very unlikely.

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