Swiss Transfer Ticket from Zurich, not airport

  • aplopez
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    12 June 2016 at 19:10:42 #809429


    My wife and I will be traveling to Switzerland on June 30, arrive Zurich, stay for 3 days, then go on to Wengen for a week of hiking in mountains, and sightseeing. From there, we will go to Rome, Italy for 5 days, then return to Zurich for one night, then return to USA.

    If we get the Swiss Transfer Ticket Combi, can we use it even if we are going from airport to Zurich, then on to Wengen, and from Rome to Zurich? That is to say there would not be a direct trip from Airport to Wengen, and no direct trip from Swiss-Italian border to Airport on return.

    Just want to be sure we can get full benefit of the card

    Thank you

  • Arno
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    13 June 2016 at 5:34:48 #853029

    Hi aplopez,

    You can use the Swiss Transfer Ticket Combi from Zurich to Wengen, and from Wengen to Domodossola (the Swiss border). Additionally you would buy a ticket Zurich Airport – Zurich (to be purchased at the airport), and Domodossola – Rome (to be purchased here).

    Purchase options for the Swiss Transfer Ticket Combi are listed here. Be sure to select the Combi product from the Rail Product box.

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