Christmas market trip to Switzerland

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    7 October 2016 at 12:41:07 #810208

    Hi Arno

    We are staying in Biel/Bienne for a week – we used that as a base last time we did a December trip as it was cheaper than the bigger cities and had good rail links to all the places we wanted to visit. We have quite a long list!

    We usually spend a week in different areas of Germany in December but we are still a bit uneasy about the unrest there at the moment so decided to go back to a place where we feel comfortable and safe!

    Flights and hotel both booked and Swiss Travel Passes ordered so all prepared.

    Best wishes


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    7 October 2016 at 12:54:45 #856455

    Thanks for the update Maggie. This sounds like a good plan to me! I don’t know Bienne that well but it’s indeed centrally located for quite some city visits. I guess Montreux and Bern are on your list for sure. Again, your trip report would be very welcome. I don’t think there are lots of reports about December and Christmas markets yet.

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    7 October 2016 at 16:37:31 #856456

    Hi Arno

    I will write a report for sure! Last time we did a Swiss Christmas market visit was way back in 2010! On that occasion we did indeed like both Bern and Montreux very much and Biel has its own market too. We also visited Winterthur, Zurich, Basel and Lausanne on that trip.

    I have been doing extensive research as I am aware some places have quite short time spans for their markets so we need to plan carefully to visit those but we want to try a few different ones this time, like St. Gallen, Zug, Einsiedeln and Morges. We can combine a visit to Trubschachen with Lucerne. I even looked up train times to Strasbourg and it only takes about half an hour more than going to St. Gallen so we might consider it as an additional adventure! As usual far too many options to fit them all in! I am quite adept at studying train routes in order to combine 2 places in one day so it will be interesting to see how many we manage!

    Watch out for the report folks!

    Best wishes


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