Day tour from Zurich to Geneva

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    Would be visiting Swiss around end of September and would be staying in Zurich for 5 Days.

    I want to travel to Geneva for a day tour, can some one guide me with the same including the best way to travel to Geneva and back the same day and also what are the most beautiful site seeing places in Geneva which i can cover.

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    <<” best way to travel to Geneva and back the same day “>>

    Flying – not recommended –

    The flight is very short, but by the time you add cost, wait-time before your flight and various airport delays, you’ll probably find that the best way is by train. Terminals for both airports are several minutes from down town….add to the time by air.

    Thousands of people make the choice of rail every day.

    The time table will make clear what train trips are available. On some, you will not have to change trains. metable

    The trip is on the order of 2 hours 44 minutes.

    Geneva? neva

    The trains have restaurant cars, although they have cut back that service in the evening. Check the details for your chosen trip in the timetable.

    There are two mainline Zürich to Geneva routes –

    One goes through Neuchatel; one goes through Bern.

    If you go by train, please consider the route through Bern, and, as you approach Lake Geneva on a clear day, sit to the left (south east). As you come out of the tunnel at Puidoux, look across the lake. You are passing through the village of Grandvaux, well named. The view is grand..


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