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    19 October 2012 at 2:53:41 #805669

    I have a Eurail global pass.
    I will be coming from Paris to Interlaken on 3 Nov 2012.

    For going to my hotel, I will need to take train to Hasliberg from Interlaken then take a bus from thereon to Pension Staldacher.

    I will be reaching Interlaken at 1:30pm and hopefully at the Pension at 3pm. What activities can be done same day? Or should I not go to the Pension and spend time in Interlaken and then go to Pension in the late evening? (What would be the last train/bus time to go there)

    Secondly, I will spend next three days and intend to visit any three of the following sites (1 site per day): Jungfrau, Rigi, Titlis, Pilatus, Rhine Falls. Which three are more practical?

    Thirdly, will the Eurail global pass cover my travels from Hasliberg to Interlaken station and onwards to any of the sites I want to visit? (can I directly take train to the sites from Hasliberg?).

    If the Global pass does not cover this, then do you recommend I should take a Swiss pass? Do these sites like Jungfrau/Rigi/Titlis/Pilatus/Rhine falls have some sort of ticket amount? Will a Swiss pass save me cost to travel and visit these places?

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    21 October 2012 at 6:34:45 #837365

    Hi alirazafazal. You can download the validity network map at the Eurail Global Pass page to see what’s covered. Also check the link ‘Overview of discounts’ at the bottom of that page to get an overview of travel bonuses in Switzerland with your Eurail Global Pass. As you’ll see, most of your trips will be for free or discounted. Whether an additional Swiss rail pass is worth your money, should really be calculated based on an exact list of plans. This related topic may be of help here.

    The timetable allows you to check traveling times to the destinations you have in mind and plan your trips, such as the latest connection from Interlaken to Hasliberg. In terms of traveling times, the Jungfraujoch and Pilatus are the most obvious choices. Titlis and the Rhine Falls take about the same time. Please note that you’ll be visiting in a period when maintenance can cause mountain transportation to shut down. You should check schedules at the Titlis and Pilatus websites to find out.

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    21 October 2012 at 7:26:22 #837366

    Thank you once again Annika.
    I checked out sbb site and calculated the costs based on the Eurail map showing rails covered. You are right, most of them seem to be free, with the last leg to Titlis or Rigi or Rhinefalls with discount. The max I need to pay will be for cable (since Interlaken-Brunig Hasliber-Lucern is closed till 5 Nov) and for bus.

    Swiss saver four days is 226 for two people, I think my cost for 3-day trips with train travels covered will probably not exceed 150. Pilatus will be closed and from what I see from Sbb site, Rhienfalls is indeed far. So the best bet is a 1 day Jungfrau, 1 day Rigi (as you say Titlis is as far as Rhine) and 1 day roaming around Hasliberg Reuti/Meiringen area, I read on some forums there are some Falls nearby as well and some other activities like Alpen, etc.

    Thanks for the links, they really helped! 🙂

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