Flexi Pass and Family Pass: reserving seats

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    I am traveling with my children (ages 7 and 9) between Zurich and Zermatt 8th-15 July and then Zermatt to Rome 15th July.

    I have bought a Swiss Travel Pass Flex (3 days) and Family Card, which I have with me now (I am still in Australia).

    I would like to be organized and have as much certainty as possible in train connections, as I am alone with the children. So, I would like to reserve seats as follows:

    – 11th July 10am Zurich-Zermatt

    -15th July Zurich-Rome (best option is departing Zermatt 13:13, then I only have to change at Brig and Milan to arrive Rome 19:59).

    I can sort out the Italian travel, but how can I reserve seats for the above Switzerland journeys so that I can be sure to get a seat for myself and the children? I have read the trains Brig-Milan will be crowded and also that parts of the Glacier Express require reservations (which will be relevant to my journeys).

    Thank you.

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    2 July 2015 at 8:59:42 #844175

    Hi margotfaraci,

    Thanks for sharing your plans with us! Your second bullet point says “Zurich to Rome”, but that should be “Zermatt to Rome”, right? Even then I don’t completely understand your itinerary, as you also mentioned the Glacier Express. Are you staying in Zermatt all nights? With Zermatt as a base, you can’t do this as a day trip, although you could do part of it.

    You need seat reservations for most border crossing trains, but you don’t need them for trains within Switzerland (apart from a few tourist trains like the Glacier Express). The details are explained on myswissalps.com/ train/reservations.

    Do you have a Swiss Travel Pass Flex or Swiss Travel Pass Flex Combi?

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    2 July 2015 at 11:00:59 #844176

    Hi Arno

    thanks for your response.

    in reply:

    -yes, I meant to say Zermatt to Rome, not Zurich to Rome. My apologies.

    -we are staying in Zurich 08-11 July, then Zermatt 11-15 July

    – I mentioned the Glacier Express as it seemed to me that part of train route out of Zermatt on 15 July may include that, but I have never been before so could be wrong

    -I have a Swiss Travel Pass Flex (3 days) and accompanying cards for the children: should I reserve seats for the Brig-Milan part of the journey on 15 July? If so, how?

    thank you


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    Hi Margot,

    I asked about the pass to be sure you know about it’s limitations: the Swiss Travel Pass Flex does not offer any discounts apart from the included 3 days. I assume you use it to travel from Zurich to Zermatt on July 11, Zermatt to the Swiss border (Domodossola) on July 15 and one other day. So you can’t use it during your days in Zurich and for cable cars while staying in Zermatt (apart from the third day of the pass). If you know about this it’s all fine of course.

    You will indeed use the Glacier Express route on July 15, but only a small section of it. It would not make sense to pay the pretty hefty reservation fee for just an hour on this train. You can travel on a regular train without additional costs or reservations.

    You need tickets and reservations for Domodossola to Rome. My advice is to arrange for that as soon as possible as trains via Milan are very busy due to the Expo 2015 event (see here). In your case you can book the tickets through http://www.raileurope.com.au/ train/italian-international-trains-7267. More details can be found here: myswissalps.com/ traintickets/italy.

    Kind regards,


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    2 July 2015 at 22:15:22 #844178

    Thank you Arno, much appreciated.

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