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    Eight years ago, we travelled to Grindelwald, on a Saturday in July, from Interlaken via the Jungfrau and Kleine Scheideg, checking our luggage directly to the Grindelwald Bahnhof. Because we had to be back before 17h00 to collect our baggage before closing time of the station, we seemed to rush from one train stop to the other to arrive on time. Coincidentaly this year, we are also travelling the same route and again arriving on a Saturday.

    Is closing time at the station still 17h00? If so, can you suggest another way to proceed with the luggage?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Voyageur, and welcome to the forum!

    There are two ways to send your luggage: standard and “fast” (same day delivery). Both services are offered for Grindelwald, although collecting the luggage the same day is “on request”. I suppose that means that the railway personnel decides what’s possible when you hand in your luggage. Either way, you can also collect your luggage the next morning, so that you don’t have to hurry. The Grindelwald baggage depot is open until 19h00, according to the SBB website. You have to ask whether you can collect your luggage at that time, either when handing in your luggage or by contacting SBB up front.

    I hope this helps!

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